What is a Business Growth Consultant?

14 August 2021

The business landscape is fast-paced, ever changing and constantly challenging. Today, with saturated and transformed markets, an uncertain economy and significant technological transformations in the wake of the pandemic, businesses are facing increased pressure just to survive.

However, as any business will know – the best tactic for survival is growth.

It’s just how to achieve that growth that some businesses and their owners struggle with. Thankfully, they needn’t. Enter: Business growth consultants.

What is a business growth consultant, you ask? Read on as we give you the complete low down on the unique skill sets business growth consultants encompass, their benefits, and just why businesses should start investing in growth consultants to enable themselves to not just survive, but thrive.

What is A Business Growth Consultant?

A business growth consultant is the answer to a lot of business’s problems. Their unique skill sets are able to scale businesses through identifying profitable growth opportunities, creating an actionable plan to capitalise on those opportunities, and providing expert consultancy and coaching on areas like leadership, consistency, business stability and business profitability.

In essence, a business growth consultant is an experienced advisor who understands a businesses desired goals, direction and objectives, identifies its key challenges and then provides actionable and strategic advice to enable the business to surpass those challenges and achieve results alongside financial success.

Commonly, business growth consultants enable businesses to avoid and overcome obstacles like:

  • Ineffective leadership
  • Ineffective business planning and strategy
  • Lack of business direction
  • Lack of suitable business objectives
  • Absence of a ‘growth mindset
  • Fragmented teams
  • Rapd but unstructured growth
  • Financial complexities
  • Failing to meet consumer demand or expectations


What Business Consulting Services Do Growth Consultants Provide?

Business growth consultants provide a number of services to enable businesses to reach the next level of their growth. Whether the objective is to generate more leads or increase revenue, business growth consultants will work with all departments within a business, which means that provided services will ultimately be dependent on the needs of the business.

The common business consulting services provided by growth consultants may include:

  1. Consulting services to assess businesses and provide actionable and strategic insights and recommendations that aim to improve the business.
  2. Coaching services to work on a much more personal level alongside the CEO and other key executive figures with the aim of improving high-level leadership teams both in their leadership qualities and communicative styles, enabling lower-level leadership teams to be more focused, structured and productive. You can read 6 ways to achieve this with your current team here.
  3. Contracting services to connect businesses with a range of outsourced services like CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) and experienced training coaches that enable the business to rapidly scale without the expense of hiring additional staff to promote business growth.
  4. Disciplines like functional specifications in areas such as sales, marketing or other more strategic areas like market strategy and organisational development which focus on nurturing overall and strategic top-line growth.
  5. Principles like the ones agreed by our growth executive advisory board. We believe that business owners should possess a sense of ownership, should conduct themselves as inspiring leaders who can set bold directions, should view perfection as glorified procrastination, should be willing to set their ego aside and listen with an open mind and should finally deliver results, and not rationalisations


The Benefits of Hiring A Business Growth Consultant

Working alongside a business growth consultant provides numerous benefits to businesses. The most notable include:

1.   Unbiased, third-party perspective

Business growth consultants give business owners seasoned, third-party perspective which increases the confidence of a CEO’s decisions.

Business owners can struggle with being able to impartially identify the problems affecting their business, often due to fear of change or lack of experience.

Business growth consultants can help organisations overcome this by using their own experience and lack of emotional attachment to give leaders confidence in taking actionable, bold, brave and necessary decisions.

2.   Board advisory level strategic insights

Business owners often feel that partnering with business growth consultants gives them insights and perspectives akin to those of a strategy board-level advisor.

Ultimately this results in the creation of a dynamic and strategic partnership that combines third-party expertise and leadership in a cost-effective and personalised manner, able to develop and execute new strategies at a more efficient rate than internal executives.

3.   Effective company repositioning

With their expertise, confidence and range of skills, business growth consultants are able to reposition businesses to surpass internal cultural and interpersonal obstacles that may have hindered previous change efforts, and instead enable them to be more focused, more targeted and ultimately more successful in their target markets.

4.   Bespoke solutions for maximum results

Each business is bespoke, which means that for any type of business consultant there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Business growth consultants understand this more than anyone and help companies to achieve their desired results by immersing themselves fully in the business. They spend time learning about the needs and challenges the business faces, and then create actionable and strategic plans that are best suited to enable the business to succeed based on the businesses unique challenges or objectives.

Business growth consultants also help businesses with their performance measurement and strategy changes by setting the correct incremental benchmarks and KPIs, helping to make the overall business growth strategy transparent and understandable.

Who Should Invest in Business Consulting Services?

The long and short answer is: Anyone. Business growth consultants do not specialise in singular sectors or company sizes. Instead, they work with any business who needs their assistance in reaching the next stage of their growth.

It’s a great idea to call on experts like those in our HPex board if:

  • You need an experienced coaching from those with a proven track record of success
  • You feel your business is plateauing and you’re struggling to find new ways to grow
  • You are limited financially but would prefer hiring an external advisor on a short-term contract who is proven to deliver results

Apply some of our favourite and impactful business growth strategies to your business.

Why Should Businesses Consider Business Growth Consulting Services?

Business growth consultants can transform a business that is plateauing or stagnating. By understanding and immersing themselves within the business they can produce actionable strategies that enable the business to reposition itself as a successful entity in its marketing, making it more profitable, more efficient, and more effective.

Business growth consultants can also produce solutions across a specific number of areas including sales and marketing, business relevance, staff and team development and collaboration, leadership development and business transformation.

Does your business need a business growth consultant?

The world is full of people with good ideas and intentions struggling to reach their potential. Book a free call with us today to discuss simple things you can do to achieve the meaningful growth and success that your business both deserves and desires.


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