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Growth Idea is the UK’s number one business coaching and business mentorship firm. Our mission is to create better realities. We do this with our unique blend of strategic insights and ruthless execution to drive change for our partners and their business

Our Founder

Our founder, Shweta Jhajharia, is widely recognized as an authority on Business Value Building, renowned for creating the unique 6M Model. Known for her impactful and intelligent approach, Shweta helps business leaders unlock their potential and attain meaningful, higher objectives. 

Through this realisation of potential and optimization of performance, leaders can substantially enhance profitability and long-term value in their businesses, while simultaneously cultivating their skills as effective leaders and individuals.

Shweta has been widely recognised by external bodies and industry panels as the top business coach in the UK through more than 70 awards including:

  • Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year
  • Global Best Client Results
  • Hall of Fame Coach
  • Two International Stevie Awards
  • Top 30 GlobalGurus in the world since 2017
  • Enterprise Coach of the Year
  • Millionaire Coach Award
  • APCTC Judges Award in Recognition of Coaching Services. 

She has garnered recognition in over 127 media outlets and publications. Her blog, renowned as the premier business coaching blog in the UK, consistently secures top ratings.

Her first book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Your Business Growth, has achieved best-seller status on Amazon. She has also co-authored a second book, Score: Master Opportunities, Avoid Mistakes and Build a Financially Successful Business, it is also an Amazon bestseller and is helping hundreds of business owners build successful businesses.

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Our Mission

At Growth Idea, our core purpose is to bring about better realities. We are deeply passionate about what we do and strive to make a positive impact. Our objective is to foster economic growth and long-term asset value. 

We accomplish this by collaborating with exceptional talent and leveraging flexible capital to assist business executives in solving challenges and engaging meaningfully with their stakeholders. 

As a collective, we possess a strong capacity to create positive change through our businesses, knowledge, and investments while also strengthening the communities we are part of. All our enterprises embody a culture of expertise, unwavering integrity, a dedication to delivering results, and an unwavering commitment to care.


Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is the Principal Consultant at Growth Idea and a serial entrepreneur. She is a multi-award-winning consultant recognised by both external bodies and industry awards panels, as the top coach in the UK, being ranked in the World’s Top 30 Coaching Professionals since 2017.

She was Global Marketing Manager with Unilever for 9 years before investing in a business coaching franchise in 2008. She has since expanded her entrepreneurial repertoire to higher-level consulting, while simultaneously acquiring multiple businesses.

She draws upon this expertise for her clients, to lead them to better profitability and enhance the long-term asset value of their businesses.

Shweta’s 60+ awards include CEO Monthly’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year, Global Best Client Results, and two prestigious International Stevie Awards.


Amol Maheshwari

Amol Maheshwari has over a decade of investment banking and corporate finance experience. He was Vice President in Morgan Stanley prior to joining Growth Idea.

He has led the business to achieve the “Global Best Client Results” and “Fastest Growing Coaching Business” awards against more than 1000 practices globally.

Amol is a CFA Charter holder and has advised dozens of multinationals on a wide range of strategic initiatives.

He has consulted for several businesses in growing profitability, through helping them to strengthen each aspect of their business and achieve a higher valuation. He also heads the private equity arm of the business.

Greig Orrell

Greig Orrell has over two decades of sales and consulting experience across multiple continents and companies.

He has worked across industries in e-commerce, SaaS, technology and consulting with a focus on business development, market expansion, digital transformation, solving complex problems and customer experience.

Over the last several years, he has worked with 50+ business owners and C-suite executives on business growth initiatives, product positioning, efficiency and performance. Prior to transitioning to consulting, he led his own e-commerce business for over a decade of consistent double-digit growth.

Jeff Heaver

Jeff Heaver

Jeff Heaver is the Business Manager at Growth Idea and brings a deep understanding of the principles required to build profitability, efficiency, and growth in SME businesses.

He works across all business verticals to ensure excellence in client experience and support client success.

Before joining Growth Idea, Jeff was the Managing Director of Covair Structures, a manufacturing and construction SME, where he spearheaded the implementation of transformative systems and processes and led the business to multiple high-profile project wins.

He has worked internationally and managed multi-cultural teams across business functions and industries for 20+ years.

Jeff has a degree in Economics from UCL.

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