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clients across an enormous range of sectors have worked with us to shape their growth.


Awards so far recognising our quality, including ranking in the World’s Top Coaching Professionals 3 years running.

How our growth advisory services work

Growth Idea will assist in identifying the current state of your company, its desired state, and the best route to take it there. Being a business owner might cause you to become preoccupied with managing your company daily and lose sight of your growth strategy. We’ll assist you in regaining focus and guiding your company to promote development and creativity.

The secret to successful growth is knowing when and how to advance your company. Growth Idea will use management data, KPIs, and insightful metrics to identify the areas in your company with growth potential and, more importantly, how to take advantage of these opportunities for sustainable business growth.

It’s a helpful tool to have a flexible resource that offers advice on business growth because it allows you to obtain the experience without hiring more permanent staff. Our professionals can provide an unbiased opinion on when and how to expand your company. Since every organisation is different when it comes to business growth guidance, we will use your historical data to create a business model that is specific to your company.

We can assist if you require a business growth advisor or business consultants for growth strategies.


Our Team & Principal Consultant, Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is a multi-award-winning business and leadership coach, winning numerous awards exhibiting her authority as a business leader, including Global Coach of the Year and being listed as one of the GlobalGurus World Top 30 Coaching Professionals for three years running.

Over the past few years, Shweta has assisted hundreds of successful business owners in various industries in achieving notable increases in their worth and profit. With numerous honours for Global Best Client Results, her clientele is the most honoured in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Numerous esteemed award panels have acknowledged the commercial acumen of our managing director, including two International Stevie® Awards, the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year award, and Coaching Practise of the Year each year since 2009.

Shweta’s book Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth was an Amazon bestseller, and she has been featured in more than 50 prestigious media publications.

Business growth advice that delivers

What ambitious business owners can expect from us:

Proven strategies and results

Thanks to our six-month ROI guarantee, you won’t ever have to invest money that you can’t profit from. We replicate the success of previous clients for your company through various tried-and-true tactics and a tested business plan to enable growth.

Personal development

You will discover how to become the best version of yourself by closely collaborating with a business consultant. The right business growth consultant can work wonders for altering your perspective, from developing stronger leadership abilities and financial management to embracing failure and applying it to your advantage.

Best-in-class professionals

Our business coaches and advisors have experience in a wide range of sectors, with many successful business owners and a proven track record of rapid growth.

Private community of peers

You can talk about your achievements and disappointments as a business owner and gain knowledge from people who have been in situations similar to yours and your company by accessing our exclusive peer community.

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