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The High Potential (Hi-Po) Executive Programme is a training development programme for executives in roles of increasing responsibility. The program is designed for high-impact, top-performing individuals, senior executives, and senior middle managers with 3 – 10 years of experience. While individual participants are welcome, it is beneficial for several Hi-Po managers within the same organisations to come together to create a joint impact.

Research has found that many high-performing employees lack the critical attributes essential to future success when rising through the ranks of your business, and a quarter of your high-potential employees may even leave the business within a year through a lack of development.

The Hi-Po Management Development Programme addresses these issues by improving the development and retention of top talent, leading to better business performance and growth potential. The 2-year program focuses on key topics to encourage practical implementation and keep executives engaged for long-term success.

The key benefits that a High Potential (Hi-Po) Executive will bring back to your business

Retain and engage top talent by providing Hi-Po recognition, training and career advancement.

Improve business performance by upskilling management and leadership executives.

Develop a core trained group of executives who can help build the next line of leaders.

High Potential (Hi-Po) Executive Programme Details

Hi-Po Executive Training Workshops

  • Duration: 2-year programme.
  • Training and Mentoring: 6 full days of training and mentoring each year. The workshops will happen once in 2 months and will be led by subject matter experts in an interactive manner.
  • Coaching: 12 live coaching calls to help with implementation and accountability to leverage collective intelligence.
  • Access to The Academy: A knowledge bank containing frameworks of business learning and development, business models and case studies with tailored training content.
  • Certificate: Participants will be eligible for the ‘Certificate of Achievement’ on successful completion of the programme.

12 Leadership & Management (L&M) Competency Modules

Focused on developing high potential leaders, these 12 L&M competencies prepare you to tackle the risks and embrace opportunities that accompany new challenges.

You will examine the hallmarks of inspiring leaders and effective managers, how to make decisions, lead organisational change, communicate strategically and what it takes to motivate a team.

During the programme, you will transform your leadership and management approach and optimise the potential to stay on the fast track throughout the career.

Training Modules

Hi-Po Year 1 Training Modules

Self Awareness

  • Personality Types
  • Learning & Behavioral Styles
  • Leadership & Management Principles

Strategy & Planning

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Execution Planning

Time Management

  • Productivity Techniques
  • Delegation skills
  • Planning & Prioritising

Effective Communication

  • Presentation Skills
  • Difficult conversations
  • Interpersonal Communication

Performance Management

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Team Meeting & Facilitation
  • Performance Reviews

Commercial Understanding

  • Measurable Business Objectives
  • Financial Drivers
  • Key Numbers & Ratios

Hi-Po Year 2 Training Modules

Emotional Intelligence

  • EQ & IQ Elements
  • Listening Skills & Empathy
  • Self-Regulation & Social Skills

Decision Making

  • Decision Classification
  • Option Evaluation Method
  • Decision Making Traps

Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking Frameworks
  • 5 Steps to Problem Solving
  • Assumptions & Biases

Change Management

  • Stakeholder Strategy
  • Leading Change Techniques
  • Adaptability & Resilience

Negotiation Skills

  • Negotiation Gambits
  • Outcomes Vs. Positions
  • Creativity & Emotions

Creativity / Innovation

  • Cognition, Knowledge & Creativity
  • Innovation Models & Processes
  • Testing & Measuring

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