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We invest in good businesses to help them grow even further and build a legacy.

If you are considering retirement or need to move away from the day-to-day business operations, talk to us.

We may be your perfect solution.

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We have been helping businesses grow since 2009

We are an established investment firm primarily focusing on growth investment in businesses that are led by high quality management teams.

We personally invest in companies, alongside other investors, meaning we have a personal stake in the success of the businesses and teams in which we invest.

Investment Advisory Board

Who This is For

Someone who wants to step out from their company while ensuring it continues without them will find us to be the perfect solution.

We will ensure that the seller gets the right value for the business they have created ensuring they can go on to retire or remain in a more limited capacity, as they desire.

Owner Managing Directors

It can be incredibly difficult to give up control of a business you have steered for so long. It is that much easier to do when smooth transition processes are in place. We have experience in transitioning business owners from the day-to-day operations out to wherever else they want to be.

That means you are free to retire fully and reap your hard-earned benefits, or you can remain a part of business in a strategic role, or in an otherwise less demanding capacity. We are also open to you retaining a minority shareholding.

Family Business Owners

Your business is more than just your brainchild – it is your legacy. Undoubtedly, your personal family history has deep and binding ties to the company’s past, and you do not want that to be washed away when you take your hands off the wheel.

Entirely sensitive to these feelings, we will ensure that all your relevant family members are involved in the transition process. We will take the utmost care to preserve the culture and values you have built and instilled into the business over the years.

Why We Are Different

We have a proven track record of growing hundreds of SME businesses to the next level.

Our wide range of skills, interests and backgrounds have helped us to develop a thorough, diverse and well-rounded approach to the investment process.

Working directly with business owners, we understand the emotions connected to giving up a business, and have significant experience transitioning entrepreneurs out from their business into their next chapter.

Investment Criteria

We know that every business is different, with its own strengths and quirks. We take each application as it comes, conducting detailed research and engaging the seller with an in-depth conversation before we make a decision.

Here are a few factors that attract our interest.

  • Annual EBITDA of minimum £250,000
  • Gross margins exceeding 30%
  • Operating margins exceeding 10%
  • Profitability achieved continuously for atleast over 3 years
  • Strong, positive and stable cash conversion
  • Strong management team in place and willing to continue
  • All sectors considered

Does your business fit the criteria?

Do you believe that you are ready to hand over the reins of your business?

Do you want to monetise your years of hard work?

Do you want to ensure that your business and the team continue to be looked after?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, get in touch with us to see if we may be the right fit.

What You Can Expect

Tick IconUpfront Valuation

We will assess a fair price and will always be upfront and open about the way we value your company. There will be no inflated valuations followed by “price chipping”.

Similarly, we will not justify higher valuations with short-term strategies like cost-cutting which detract from your company’s true growth.

Tick IconSimple & Flexible Process

We will be your sole point of contact – we have worked hard to minimise any red tape involved in the process. We limit any third-party advisors to an absolute minimum and deal with most of the process ourselves.

In this way, we can work directly on ensuring that the terms and deal are suited to your requirements. We are flexible on structuring our arrangement and prioritise your objectives.

Tick IconLong-Term Vision

We are here for the long run, not the short game. We aren’t here to flip companies and we aren’t watching economic cycles. We have the long term in mind and are seeking to grow your business with the same fervour that you built it with.

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We have the capital, contacts, dedication, expertise and track record to be a supportive partner and engaged investor to businesses.

If you would like to have an obligation-free discussion about selling your business, please email info@growthidea.co.uk or call +44 20 7627 1234.