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Take your business to the next level with our executive business coaching services across the UK. At Growth Idea we provide quality business coaching services that deliver tailored business growth strategies, tools and advice designed to increase profitability, accelerate business growth and help businesses reach their true potential. Book your free consultation call with one of our expert small business coaches today.

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Why use our small business coaching services?

Are you a small business owner? Need help driving your business growth? Starting a new business and need some guidance along the way? Grow your business today and become a business leader with our expert coaching services.

Throughout our tailored business coaching sessions, you will have access to a team of experts who are all successful business owners with real-world experience running a business across a number of sectors.

Our business coaches work alongside you and your management team to fully understand how your business operates, and to devise a business plan capable of propelling your business forward and driving business success.

Our team has experience working with both multinational companies and small businesses, so you can rest assured as a business owner that regardless of your company size, we can help. Our business coaches will help you to identify the key areas of your business that are holding back further growth, as well as help you generate more leads to ultimately make more money and achieve business goals.

Your executive coaches will work across all departments in your business, from sales to marketing to operation business systems, to create action plans that ensure that all aspects of your business are optimised to achieve attainable goals.

Business Coaching Made to Accelerate Growth

Fast-track your business growth with the right business coach. Our High Performance Business Growth Programme gives business owners access to a wealth of tools, tailor made growth strategies and support from best in class business coaches.

A great business coach can give you the self awareness and the motivation to stop your business from feeling stuck. Instead, they can act as a sounding board to help you reach your business goals by giving you perspective to help develop a process that turns your livelihood into a truly successful business.

The right business coaching has many benefits that are often overlooked, too. Business coaches can also provide life coaching to aid personal development, which helps business owners reach their personal goals, such as enhancing their communication skills, or even just achieving a better work/life balance for a happier home life.

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What Our Business Coaching Delivers

Proven Strategies. Guaranteed Results.

Our 6 month ROI guarantee means that you will never have to invest money that you won’t make back. We use a multitude of strategies that have delivered results for our previous successful businesses to ensure you see results and your business coaching cost isn’t lost!

 Accelerated Personal Development

Your personal expert business coach won’t just be a business coach: they’ll act as a life coach too. And through the experience and skills of your life coach, you’ll soon learn how to become the best version of yourself. From learning better leadership skills, through to accepting failure and using it for your future advantage, your career coaching mentor will give you the confidence to be the business owner you can be.

Access to Best in Class Business Coaches

Our business coaches have experience in over 70 different sectors. That means that our business coaching programme and leadership coaching is bound to connect you to the right business coach whose knowledge and advice will be instantly applicable to your business, ensuring you benefit from their success and find the result you want.

Our Principal Consultant Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is a multi-award-winning talented business coach with plentiful awards that exhibit her success as an expert business coach. Shweta has won Global Coach of the Year and been listed as one of the GlobalGurus World Top 30 Coaching Professionals for three years running.

Shweta is a sought-after business coach who has helped countless business owners achieve significant growth in profit and valuation. Her client list includes some of the most awarded businesses across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East & Africa and she has won numerous Global Best Client Results awards.

Her dedicated business acumen has been recognised by multiple prestigious awards panels. Shweta has won 2 International Stevie® Awards, the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year award, and since 2009 has repeatedly won Coaching Practice of the Year.

Shweta has been featured in over 50 leading media outlets and her first book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth, was an Amazon bestseller.

Your complimentary coaching session will be with either Shweta, or someone who Shweta has personally trained in her tools and strategies.

Don't take it from us. Read what our Business Coaching Alumni have to say:

Your business is different with unique goals and challenges. Book a complimentary strategy call so we can understand your business and help you with the next steps.

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“Thank you so much. Your advice has made all the difference for me and my family now and in the future.
So awesome how knowledge used correctly can change lives for generations!”

The Benefits for Small Business Owners

If you are looking to improve strategy, execution or results then your dedicated business coach can help you to reach success faster than you would on your own. Our coaching can help you to:

  • Become a better manager and leader
  • Deliver record business growth while managing increased complexity and navigating challenges
  • Deploy successful management processes capable of better leading team members
  • Introduce new products or services with optimum execution
  • Identify new market routes to gain competitive advantage
  • Grow inorganically through acquisitions
  • Maximise the asset value of your business

Our £100,000 Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that if all the meetings and sessions are attended and agreed tasks are completed on time, and in the unlikely event of your business not generating an additional £100,000 gross profit as a result of our work together within the minimum term of twelve months, we will pay the difference between the £100,000 guarantee and the incremental gross profit generated to you.

Simply put: you have £100,000 protection on your investment.

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What Areas In the UK Do You Cover?

We offer our business coaching services to businesses across the UK.

Whilst we are based in South East London, our business consultancy services are available to all businesses regardless of their location in the country. Our coaching programmes can be delivered remotely or face to face, whichever suits you! Our team have supported businesses of all types with tailored growth strategies that get results. View our London Business Coach page. 

What does a business coach do?

Business coaching prepares business owners for the future. A business coach can assist with helping a business owner to reach their goals, enhance their decision-making skills and build better, higher performing teams.

Is hiring a business coach worth it?

The right business coach is well worth investing time and resources into. Business owners can receive greater clarity, new perspectives, enhanced focus and greater accountability, all of which are capable of excelling a business to new heights and achieving  goals.

What Is The No-Risk Guarantee?

We have a strong track record of delivering success for a number of business owners. We’re confident that we can get results for every business we work with, so we have introduced a no-risk guarantee. This mean that, in the unlikely event you don’t achieve the agreed return on investment, we’ll refund the difference, no questions asked. This means you can be confident you will definitely see a return on your investment.

How Do You Tailor Your Strategies To My Business?

We begin with a free, no obligation strategy call, where we discover more about your London business. As well as being an opportunity for you to find out more about Growth Idea, we’re able to count on our vast experience, as well as the brain of the UK’s number one business consultant to put together a business growth strategy that delivers.

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