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Shweta Jhajharia


Shweta Jhajharia is one of the leading authorities on Business Value Building and the creator of the unique 6M Model. Shweta is widely respected as an impactful, intelligent and results orientated professional who helps business leaders unleash their potential to reach meaningful, higher objectives. This realisation of potential and maximisation of performance helps business leaders to significantly increase profitability and long-term value in their businesses while at the same time becoming better leaders and human beings.

Shweta has been widely recognised by external bodies and industry panels as the top business coach in the UK through more than 70 awards including Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year, Global Best Client Results, Hall of Fame Coach, two International Stevie Awards, Top 30 GlobalGurus in the world since 2017, Enterprise Coach of the Year, Millionaire Coach Award, APCTC Judges Award in Recognition of Coaching Services. She has been featured in 127 media outlets and publications. Her blog is consistently rated as the top business coaching blog in the UK and her book Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Your Business Growth is an Amazon best-seller.

Shweta’s innovative and well distinguished High Performing Executive (HPeX) programme brings together the power of a Board of Directors, a world class peer coaching experience and a strong Non-Executive Leadership team to work alongside SME business leaders. HPeX members consistently see measurable personal and professional growth alongside the growth of their businesses. On an average, business sees an increase of 214% in their asset value within 18 months. In her no-nonsense style, she backs all her programmes with her unique and measurable 6-month ROI guarantee – In the unlikely event a client does not generate the agreed return on investment, they are refunded the difference, no questions asked.

And this is what one of HPeX Board members has to say ‘’I’ve worked with a few people over the years and none of them have the knowledge, wisdom, empathy and determination of Shweta, let alone the strength of character to bond with you whether you’re a highly dominant individual or a shrinking violet. Shweta helped me turn myself around and the learning I have had has been vast!’’

Nearly 1,000 businesses and many individuals have experienced significant personal and business growth through Shweta’s practical and purposeful coaching, keynote talks, workshops, consulting, guidance and success mindset. Her business clients are one of the most awarded client base all over the world having picked up many prestigious awards at Global & EMEA level; ‘ CEO of the Year’, Best Business of the Year’ Best Culture of the Year’, ‘Fastest Growing Business,’ Youngest Entrepreneur of the year’, Best E-Commerce Business’, Best Team of the Year’, ‘Most Innovative Firm of the year’ , ‘Best Marketing campaign of the year’, ‘Most Community Impact of the Year’, ‘Gold award for Customer Service Company’, ‘Best Overall Business of the Year’ just to name a few. Shweta honed her skills with over 12,000 hours of one-to-one coaching experience over the last decade and that shines through her clients and their success.

‘’Shweta is an incredible force who drives all her clients forward to achieve their best possible.’’

Shweta comes from a rural village in Western India. Despite humble beginnings, with a belief in education instilled by her parents, she is known for relentlessly pursuing her purpose of helping people create better realities. She does this by helping business executives solve problems and meaningfully engage with their stakeholders. Her businesses reflect her own strong culture of competence, non-negotiable integrity, commitment to delivering results, and uncompromising care.

‘’Excellent professional who deserves her 5-star rating. Hyper talented and experienced who quite simply has your back and cares.’’

To support the communities we live and work in, through her Private Equity arm, Shweta actively redeploys capital and talent in SME businesses.

Prior to this, Shweta was Global Marketing Manager with Unilever for 9 years. She has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and Honours in Economics.

Shweta practices daily Vipassana meditation, enjoys mountain climbing (having climbed Kilimanjaro), travelling to wild and gorgeous places (like Tanzania, Namibia, Rio’s favellas, Icelandic craters and many more), spending time with her loved ones and living life with awareness and gratitude.

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