How To Grow Your Construction Business in 8 Steps

16 January 2024 by Shweta Jhajharia

So you want to grow your construction business? No matter how long you’ve been in the business or how new you are to it, careful planning is a must if you want to grow your construction company.

The construction industry in the UK is predicted to grow by 4.4%, reaching £163,253 million in 2023.

When it comes to business growth, a variety of factors are at play. Growing your personal network, creating an online presence, utilising the appropriate tools—each action is crucial to your success.

If you’re striving to grow into a successful construction company, take a look at our top tips and strategies for growing and expanding construction businesses.

Why do construction companies struggle?

There are many reasons why your construction company may be falling on hard times, but here are the most common reasons you might be finding it hard to get off the ground.

Outdated business plans

A business strategy can’t be written in a single sitting. To keep it in line with the objectives and core values of your construction company, you should continually examine and update it. Without a current plan, it’s simple to lose focus, which can limit your business.

A leader who is overburdened by distractions will have a demotivated team. Pick no more than three or four things that are actually important, and then pay attention to the measures you must take to accomplish those objectives. 

Low operational capacity

You won’t be able to handle more construction projects if there isn’t enough manpower. And if you do, your present team will eventually grow overworked and quit. Establish an annual hiring budget to help you grow your staff and your construction company.

Despite the UK facing an economic recession in 2023, an extra 225k construction workers could be needed by 2027.

No marketing strategy

Your growth barrier may have a strong correlation with a weak construction marketing approach. Businesses with inadequate sales and marketing coordination see a drop in revenue.

Company goals and objectives are lost or misunderstood when sales and marketing operate in separate divisions. This results in contradictory information or ideas that don’t appeal to your target client. Or even worse, ones that completely miss your intended audience.

As a result, your construction company won’t be able to scale due to inadequate sales follow-up, missed sales, and an unfocused brand. This can be fixed with a strong marketing strategy.

How to grow your construction business in 8 steps

So how can you take your construction small business to the next level? Take a look at the steps below!

Comprehensive business strategy

Don’t let outdated business plans hold your construction business back. Create a comprehensive business plan that incorporates elements such as target market, services offered, pricing structure, and even marketing plans – more on these later.

You can also work with expert business strategy consultants who can help you develop a growth strategy tailored to your construction company’s needs. And with expert organic growth strategies, you can develop not only short-term profits – but a truly successful business in the long term.

Join a business growth programme

Our high performance executive (HPeX) Business Growth Programme has been recognised as the World’s TOP #2 Management Development Programme by Global Gurus. We focus on business growth services to boost your profit in as little as 6 months.

Our specialists have extensive experience working with both multinational construction enterprises and small construction businesses, so you can rest assured, that regardless of your company size, our programme can help. We can help you identify the areas holding back further growth, helping you to generate more leads and ultimately make more profit.

We will work with all departments within your business from sales and marketing to operational business systems, ensuring that all aspects of your business are optimised to achieve your business goals.

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Data insights

You must demonstrate to clients that your organisation has the adaptability and inventiveness required for each work because every construction project is different. 

Effectively utilising data insights is one approach to accomplish this. These results might be shown to them during a pitch or proposal to persuade them that your team is capable of handling any situation.


You must automate portions of the workflow if you want to expand your company and take on more jobs. Employees should be able to use their smartphones to input data and create documents once a project is underway so that you can obtain updates wherever you need them. It will enable everyone to collaborate as a team, despite their various geographic locations.

Due to the possibility that not all of your contractors are local, it is a crucial component of growing your smaller construction company.

Marketing and advertising

Being active on social media and having an interesting website only gets you so far. As part of your overall growth strategy, leverage your online presence by implementing efficient digital tactics like SEO, content marketing, and advertising. Here are some ways to promote your business online:

  • To improve your website’s organic rankings in search results, use SEO strategies.
  • You can publish blogs to your website and social media sites. Relevant customers may visit your website due to an engaging content marketing strategy.
  • Utilise online advertising channels like Facebook and Google Ads.

Great customer service

Make an effort to enhance customer service and motivate customers to post online evaluations and feedback. Additionally, keep in touch with clients and forecast their requirements to encourage them to use your services again in the future.

Putting together a team of individuals who will appreciate, be patient with, and understand your clients will go a long way towards generating significant recurring business, referrals and most importantly, satisfied customers.


The level of market competition is one of the major problems that construction companies have. It signifies that you must change swiftly and provide customers with something distinctive or different from what your rivals do.

To do this, adapt your business model to each client’s unique requirements and, when practical, create additional value by way of data insights. Additionally, you want to have an adaptable business strategy that enables your team to work as efficiently as possible when taking on new tasks or expanding the organisation.

Social media

If your construction firm isn’t already active on a suitable social networking platform, we advise creating accounts on relevant platforms. Making certain that each social media account you have for your company has a link to your website.

Open accounts on social media networks where your target market is active. We advise using LinkedIn, Facebook, and possibly Twitter for a construction company. Make sure to interact with your audience, upload content that is relevant on a regular basis, and check your inbox frequently because some customers may contact you there.

Looking for expert business consultants to grow your business?

Now you’ve got the steps needed to grow your construction business, it’s time to put it all into action! Our expert business growth consultants can help you define your business plan and advise on the right growth strategies for your unique needs.

With a range of business consultancy services all aimed at helping your business grow, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands with Growth Idea.

So why not get in touch and see what we can do for you? Successful businesses start here!

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How to grow your construction business FAQs

How much does it cost to start a construction company UK?

According to industry estimates, the typical budget for a new construction UK start-up business is about £5,000. This is due to the fact that many construction companies don’t need a base of operations as a large portion of their manual labour is performed off-site.

How do you structure a construction company?

The owner/CEO is often positioned at the top of the organisational structure, followed by the general manager, department managers, project managers, project supervisors, project coordinators, and finally the employees.

How can I start a construction business?

When you plan your construction business it’s important to think carefully about who your potential customers will be and to make an assessment of the level of existing competition. Doing some online market research will help you with this.

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