Book Review: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

28 October 2022 by Shweta Jhajharia

Napoleon Hill wrote this imagined interview with “the Devil” back in 1938, shortly after publishing his continually relevant Think and Grow Rich. However, this was a time when using religious iconography in such a creative manner may have been a bit too controversial. It was, therefore, only posthumously published in 2011.

And yet, it is still as meaningful and powerful in today’s day and age for anyone who prioritises self-mastery.

Hill writes the book as an interview with the “root of all evil” – whether you want to consider that the literal Devil, some invisible force, or a part of our own minds, it doesn’t really matter. He uses this imagined conversation to explain how you can either succumb to becoming a drifter or you can take charge of your own destiny. And he explains how to do it.
This creative piece of writing is an enjoyable way to digest some fundamental principles that all business owners should keep in mind.

While the Devil aims to make you into a drifter, the most successful business owners are the ones who take control of their own thoughts and, thus, their whole lives.

It’s a fantastic read and a timeless insight into human behaviour that I highly recommend.

Memorable Business Quote from Outwitting the Devil

Analyze temporary defeat, no matter of what nature or cause, and extract from it the seed of an equivalent advantage

– Napoleon Hill


You can get the book here and find more recommended readings/books here.


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