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Awards so far recognising our quality, including ranking in the World’s Top Coaching Professionals 3 years running.

Executive Coaching for Landscaping companies and Green Industry Businesses

If you own your own business in the landscape industry, you might be at a point where you need to make a decision about the right direction in which to take your landscaping company.

When working with landscaping professionals, we commonly find that they are running into familiar problems: they long work hours, struggle to find and retain quality employees, and have not seen an increase in their profit margin for some time.

The issue is that our clients aren’t businessmen: They are lawn and landscape professionals first, and businessmen and women second. They all want to profitably grow their business, but they want to enjoy life at the same time.

To be a successful landscape business in the 21st century, business owners need to know how to manage the overheads which dictate the success of certain projects, balance the price of materials and labour, and also take on various aspects of social media and email marketing to entice customers.

In order to ensure that your business is earning what your services are worth, a landscape industry certified manager acting as a business consultant who possesses expertise of your sector(s) and business in general can provide a mentoring service whose positive impact can help to change your landscaping firm into a better business.

Our green industry consultants can help you to develop the skills you need to overcome challenges posed by the industry and a complex business model. Our systems and processes can help to evolve your landscape company with new insights which can bring results like more money and increased business success.

Our Principal Consultant Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is a multi-award winning business and leadership coach who has been recognised for her authority in the field by being listed on GlobalGurus’ World Top 30 list three years running and winning Global Coach of the Year.

Shweta’s innovative strategies have helped hundreds of business owners across industries to achieve significant growth in profit and valuation. Her client base includes many award-winning companies from Europe, Africa Middle East as well as the Asia Pacific region and together they have won multiple awards for Global Best Client Results.

Her business success has been recognised across numerous prestigious award panels, including 2 International Stevie® Awards, the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year award, and she has won Coaching Practice of the Year every year since 2009.

Shweta has also been featured in over 50 leading media outlets whilst her book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth, was an Amazon bestseller.

Your complimentary green industry consultation session will be with either Shweta, or someone who Shweta has personally trained in her tools and strategies.

About Shweta’s Firm, Growth Idea

We are a private equity and business growth firm that is committed to helping business leaders step up to the next level of business prowess. We give you the knowledge necessary to inspire your team, grow your landscape management network and create business strategies that result in genuine, sustainable growth.

Our clients span industries, and we especially have experience with landscape professionals in the construction and building industries, as well as landscape contractors, lawn care experts and architectural designers.

In providing you with the tools you need to succeed, you can also expect from our consultant management team:


In order to give you the best advice possible for your own business, we need a passion for results ourselves. We’re firm believers that this kind of drive inspires our creativity and ambition as well – which is why it’s no surprise when these qualities help others achieve their own successes.


No effective business coach is in it just for the money – you need to be fully invested if you hope to incite real and positive change. This is why we sincerely care about each business we help. We understand that your success is our success, and we genuinely want you to achieve your business goals.


Our clients experience an average increase in asset value in the double digits, which alone is testament to our competency as business growth specialists. But, as additional feathers in our cap we are also proud to state that we, along with our landscape professionals, have been honoured with multiple awards in our sectors.

How to Grow Your Successful Landscape Company with our Expert Consulting Firm

Our business coaching uses many techniques which will assist you in growing your landscaping business, but a few factors that will be noticeable early on in the process are:


Our business consultants will help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your company through a fresh lens. Whether it’s to assess an upcoming project or plan strategy for future success, we’re here to analyse your business and your goals and then provide actionable, objective advice that’s rooted in experience.

Minimising Mistakes

We provide business training in how to test and develop landscape business strategies quickly, and without risking valuable time or money. That gives you peace of mind to stick only with strategies that have proved viable, and the confidence to dismiss those which have not.

Strategic Prowess

Having worked with hundreds of landscape business owners, we have numerous strategic models that we can tailor to suit your particular business. We can help you devise a marketing strategy, sales management plan and advise you on how to be successful in your chosen landscaping area.

If you would like to take your business to the next level with a landscaping industry business consultant, do not delay in requesting a complimentary strategy session with us.

A risk-free, no-obligation session

Find out how landscaping business coaching could benefit you and your business.

So how can Shweta’s Landscape Industry Consulting and Leadership Coaching services help you?

To start with, we will carry out a personal, in-depth consultation to understand your business, your strengths and weaknesses, the competition and other factors that are mission-critical.

Some of the other things our business consultant would then discuss and formulate are:

  • Helping you to determine, identify and write down (this part is important!) your goals – whether they’re to increase profitability by XX or gain XX new customers
  • Creating a 90-day business plan that is built to achieve pre-established goals
  • Identifying bottlenecks with your firm and how we can resolve them
  • Finding ways to increase your margins without compromising the quality of your services
  • Developing an ‘unlimited marketing budget’ that we develop for landscape businesses to ramp up their marketing machine and pull in the leads they need.
  • Ensuring as a green executive you are providing the highest value services to your existing customers and also therefore increasing the value your firm is gaining from those customers – a win-win.
  • Creating a system for getting referrals that has proven to be more effective than waiting for word of mouth to happen.

If you’re ready to take your business from good to great, then let us show you how. We’ll work alongside you to achieve the results that matter most and create a plan designed to drive success.

If you don’t see that success happen, then we will pay the difference.

We also offer business coaching in other industry sectors, such as: Interior Design and Construction.

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This is what our clients have to say about how we have helped them

A small sample of the awards our clients have received:

Silver Winner Awards:

  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Engage & Grow Business of the Year (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2018) – BOK Construction
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Marketing Campaign (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2018) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Best Service Based (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2017) – GMI
  • EMEA Most Innovative Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Retailer (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Import/Export (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Young Entrepreneur of The Year (Silver Winner, 2016) – Dina Vaisman & Mike Iruchenko of Wonderbuilds
  • + 9 other awards from 2011-2015

Gold Winners:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Best Overall Company (Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Service Based Business (Winner, 2018) – Bok Construction
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2018) – Watts Roofing
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2017) – Laura & Chris Frost of Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Yahya Mirjan of GMI
  • EMEA Entrepreneur of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Graham Hill of JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd
  • UK Business Financials of the Year (Winner, 2011) – JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd

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