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clients across an enormous range of sectors have worked with us to shape their growth.


Awards so far recognising our quality, including ranking in the World’s Top Coaching Professionals 3 years running.

Why do you need an Executive Interior Design Business Coach?

The age of connectivity has allowed interior design to become more accessible to business owners and homeowners, thanks largely to image-based social media and blogs. However, it has also made it easier for interior designers to market their services, thereby increasing market saturation and making it harder for talented interior designers to stand out.

If you are growing an interior design business and can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed by the competition, it is time for you to hire an interior design business coach.

We can give you business advice capable of teaching you to grow your own business in interior design. We’ll teach you how to move to a professional vantage point in the interior design industry where your talent for marketing yourself and cultivating new clients will be on par with your creative air.

The Benefits of an Interior Design Business Coach in the Design Industry

1. Business Growth

We guarantee business growth and ultimately, success, with our business coaching services. Our clients experience an annual growth average of double digits, which you can expect to apply to your business as well. But, many of our successful interior designer alumni see their profits grow by a greater margin, confirming that hard work is rewarded with spectacular results.

2. Specific Strategies

Strategy is exceptionally important when examining how to be a successful interior designer, and our business coaches are more than prepared to give you expert guidance on this front. With hundreds of strategies that our industry experts have used successfully across all layers of the interior design industry, including in fashion, with furniture wholesalers, estate agents, photographers plus other industries, you can be sure that your business goals will benefit from our coaching services.

3. Accountability

If you have considerable plans for your business but are struggling with procrastination when it comes to their implementation (we’ve seen this a lot with many of our creative interior designers), you will find business coaching to be an invaluable asset.

We are not only here to provide our expertise, but also to help you take the next step in building an achievable future plan, and we’re happy to be your weekly or bi-weekly reminder to keep focused on your business success.

4. Honest Critique

As an interior designer, you have probably come across many clients where you know that there are just some very small tweaks that you can make to really make their design ‘pop’. And you probably know when you need to be brutally honest with a client on exactly why their design isn’t up to scratch, too. That’s not dissimilar from what we do with our interior designers, only we focus on their business growth rather than their design. Your business coach will give you honest, objective and constructive critique of your strategy and direction, helping you redefine your approach to help you get the best end result.

5. Lasting Knowledge

Hiring a professional business coach to manage your business might bring results, but those results will only last as long as that professional is with you. However, when you work with a business coach to teach you how to grow your design business, you are working on your own abilities as well, empowering you to become a better leader, a better business owner and, ultimately, a better designer.

Growth Idea are your ideal Interior Design Business Coach

Growth Idea will teach you how to develop interior design business plans and execute them perfectly to bring success –and for most of our programs, we guarantee it!

We are confident enough in our ability to help you create sustainable growth in your business that, in most instances, we are prepared to cover any loss you would incur on your coaching costs if your gross profits do not cover the coaching fees.

We will literally spend our money and pay the difference.

Let us teach you how to gain an advantage over your competitors by focusing your creativity just as much on growing your design business as you do on creating beautiful things.

Contact us for a complimentary strategy session and experience how business coaching knowledge can take your business to the next level, as well as define you as a great business owner and designer.

Our Principal Consultant Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is a multi-award-winning business and leadership coach with plentiful awards that exhibit her success as a business leader. Shweta has won Global Coach of the Year and been listed as one of the GlobalGurus World Top 30 Coaching Professionals for three years running.

Shweta has worked with hundreds of business owners across industries over the last several years helping them achieve significant growth in profit and valuation. Her client base is the most awarded group of clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and has won multiple awards for Global Best Client Results.

She has had her dedicated business acumen recognised by numerous prestigious awards panels, including 2 International Stevie® Awards, the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year award, Coaching Practice of the Year every year since 2009.

Shweta has been featured in over 50 leading media outlets and her first book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth, was an Amazon bestseller.

Your complimentary coaching session will be with either Shweta, or someone who Shweta has personally trained in her tools and strategies.

A risk-free, no-obligation session

Find out how interior design business coaching could benefit you and your business.

How Shweta’s Interior Design Business Coaching and Development for Interior Designers and Architects can help

To start with, we will carry out a personal, in-depth consultation to understand your business, your strengths and weaknesses, the competition and other factors that are mission-critical.

Some of the other things we would then discuss and formulate are:

  • Helping you to spend time determining and writing down (this part is important!) your goals – whether that’s to increase money or clientele, or just increase stability so you can achieve your personal goals.
  • Creating a 90-day business plan that is designed to achieve those identified goals
  • Identifying bottlenecks with your business and brainstorming resolutions
  • Finding ways to increase your margins without compromising company quality
  • Helping you to find ways to develop the ‘unlimited marketing plan’ that we produce for businesses to ramp up their marketing machine and pull in the leads they need.
  • Ensuring you are providing the highest value to your existing clients and also therefore increasing the value your firm is gaining from those clients – a win-win.
  • Create a system for getting referrals that has proven to be more effective than waiting for word of mouth to happen.

Our journey together can help your design company to overcome challenges that you face in the industry. We can give expert advice on things like networking events, team members, and common investment and business challenges, all of which are capable of helping designers to drive their business forward.

What’s more, if you don’t see that increase happen, then we’ll use our money to pay you the difference.

We also offer business coaching in other industry sectors, such as: Landscape Business Consultation and Construction Executive Coaching.

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A small sample of the awards our clients have received:

Silver Winner Awards:

  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Engage & Grow Business of the Year (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2018) – BOK Construction
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Marketing Campaign (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2018) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Best Service Based (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2017) – GMI
  • EMEA Most Innovative Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Retailer (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Import/Export (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Young Entrepreneur of The Year (Silver Winner, 2016) – Dina Vaisman & Mike Iruchenko of Wonderbuilds
  • + 9 other awards from 2011-2015

Gold Winners:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Best Overall Company (Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Service Based Business (Winner, 2018) – Bok Construction
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2018) – Watts Roofing
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2017) – Laura & Chris Frost of Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Yahya Mirjan of GMI
  • EMEA Entrepreneur of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Graham Hill of JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd
  • UK Business Financials of the Year (Winner, 2011) – JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd

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