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Business Profile

Established in 2012, this design led construction company manages and completes various interior projects including interior builds, complex refurbishment of heritage real estate, remodelling of contemporary penthouses and new builds. The business had a good start, but struggled to cross the ceiling of an annual revenue due to increased complexity of effectively managing both the pipeline and the multiple sites. This constrained performance resulted in the growing frustration, especially when the clients knew what they were capable of achieving.

Background & Brief

This contracting company has a unique ethos: being able to turn the most sophisticated and refined designs into reality. 

But remarkably it was that exact ethos that made our project more complex, and more detail-oriented than usual. 

When this construction contractor approached us, they asked for our help with fast tracking the growth of their business, and reducing the overall complexity of their business structure. However, we knew that whatever growth the company experienced could not come at the expense of sacrificing their vital, and personal, brand promise to their customers.

Thankfully, we had experts on hand. Our board of experts is made up of consultants who have years of experience in organisational design and the setup of various management systems. We knew that it would be these consultants in particular who were the key to unlocking this company’s business growth, and who would be able to put in place a structure that ensured any growth was balanced alongside its important value proposition.

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Our Impact Together

By working alongside us and our board of experts at Growth Idea, our Construction Client got their wish and were finally able to break through their ceiling – without risking their brand promise. 

In just one year of working with us, not only did the business streamline vital processes which helped to unlock new levels of effectiveness in their sector, their overall business revenue increased by threefold with increased gross margin.

Plus, we increased their incredibly niche customer base by over 30%!

Our 6M Framework to Achieve Results

At Growth Idea, we always ensure that we deploy a multi point strategy that is capable of assessing a business’s next level of needs not only based on current business results, but also based upon its core fundamentals. We believe that these are the drivers of a business’s results, and our dedication to going a level beyond the surface is what separates us from other consultants. 

So, when it came to our constructing company we assessed five key areas that needed development, support, and the implementation of new processes. 

Simplification and Streamlining of operations

Their brand promise is being able to turn the most sophisticated & refined designs into reality. As much as this was a unique differentiation and an important competitive advantage, this ethos made their project more complex and detail-oriented than usual. For example, they were managing a relatively large crew of tradesmen in different specialities, for that reason. Managing such complexity was limiting their ability to grow.  

As such simplifying and standardising the operations and releasing additional capacity to execute new projects was key to enable growth. This included all aspects of project management, budgeting and purchasing as well as the organisation structure, reporting lines, performance management, reward system and training.     

Streamlined management of a varied crew of tradesmen

One of the main factors limiting our contractors ability to grow was their management of a relatively large crew of tradesmen in a number of different specialties. Because each project the business took on was unique and required the help of many different experts, the management process for each one of the different specialties could become muddled and complex. What worked for one sector was not necessarily effective for another. 

In order to unify the way the business managed its tradesmen, we suggested and implemented new processes which worked across the board. These helped with {setting clearer, more bespoke goals, establishing precise chains of command and responsibility, and ultimately more effectively executing projects by utilising the strength of a number of different departments}.

Implementation of robust systems

One thing our contracting business client needed above all else was robust systems to manage projects from initiation to sign off in multiple locations, all whilst being able to monitor and control cost and performance versus schedule at all stages.

Whilst this might sound complex – our board of experts are more than equipped to deploy systems and processes that we know help to connect and streamline the work of many different business levels and departments, such as in this scenario.

In response we helped our client to create a comprehensive system for project planning, management and control which led to them being able to take on more projects while maintaining their brand promise and standards.

New, targeted customer approaches

Winning new business was also essential for fast growth as we helped them reach out to new, highly targeted customers. We aimed to target customers based on in-depth and thoroughly researched buyer personas resulting in higher margins and improved cash flow. These personas detailed specific target audience wants, needs and pain points and gave the sales department a more comprehensive idea of who they should be pursuing in their outreach.

This precise approach was key to optimise the use of resources while reaching their very niche target market.

Elevation of brand awareness and a refined brand image

As the revenue and customer base grew, the company needed to elevate their brand image and awareness. Through our wide base of contacts, we helped them connect with a suitable branding agency and worked with the directors through a complete branding exercise.

Additionally, we worked with them to upgrade the organisation structure and define the missing roles and skills gap. This allowed them to ensure that adequate organisation capacity was always available to support the sharp growth trend.

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In Their Words

“Before we started with Growth Idea, we did not know how to take the business to the next level. We dedicated our focus and attention to certain aspects of the business and the operation which we hoped to drive growth, but they didn’t bring the expected significant results.

On the contrary, the directors felt much busier and that the potential is limited without a major change. Intuitively, we knew that we needed better systems, but we did not know which systems were missing. The team in Growth Idea showed us what systems are missing and helped us to build them. We were committed to change fast, which we did, and we saw similarly fast growth.”

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