Shweta Jhajharia is Ranked Among the World’s Top 30 Coaching Professionals for the 7th Consecutive Year

06 February 2024 by Shweta Jhajharia

In the dynamic world of business coaching, one name stands out prominently – Shweta Jhajharia. A British-Indian woman, Shweta has been making waves in the industry, earning her a spot in the prestigious list of the world’s top 30 coaches for an impressive seven consecutive years. As the founder and driving force behind Growth Idea, Shweta has not only carved a niche for herself but has also revolutionised how businesses approach growth through her innovative 6M framework.

Born in India, Shweta Jhajharia moved to the United Kingdom with a vision of making a meaningful impact on the business landscape. Her journey began with a passion for helping businesses thrive, and she soon realised the power of coaching in unlocking the true potential of business owners and businesses.

With a background in international sales from a global FMCG company and an MBA from India’s leading school, Shweta brought a unique perspective to the coaching, blending analytical thinking with strategic vision.

In 2008, Shweta took a bold step by founding Growth Idea, a business coaching company committed to transforming the fortunes of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Her approach differed – it wasn’t about generic advice or one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, Shweta focused on understanding the unique challenges each business faced and tailoring her coaching to address those specific needs.

Shweta’s impact on businesses has not gone unnoticed. Her consistent presence in the list of the world’s top 30 coaches for seven years attests to her effectiveness and influence in the coaching community. Growth Idea’s success stories abound, with businesses across industries experiencing remarkable transformations under Shweta’s guidance.

Shweta Jhajharia’s journey from India to becoming a globally recognised business coach is a testament to her dedication, innovation, and passion for fostering business growth. As a British-Indian woman breaking barriers in the coaching industry, Shweta continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and coaches alike. Through Growth Idea and the 6M growth framework, she has left an indelible mark on the business world and empowered countless businesses to achieve unprecedented success. Shweta Jhajharia’s story is one of resilience, vision, and the profound impact one individual can have on the trajectory of businesses worldwide.



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Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is one of the leading authorities on Business Value Building and the creator of the unique 6M Model. Shweta is widely respected as an impactful, intelligent and results orientated professional who helps business leaders unleash their potential to reach meaningful, higher objectives. This realisation of potential and maximisation... Read more