Give Your Small Business a Spring Clean

06 May 2016 by Shweta Jhajharia

With spring in the air many households across Britain will be engaging in some serious spring cleaning, which means plenty of decluttering and polishing.  It is a great idea for businesses to do the same, but not where buckets and mops are concerned.  Instead, small businesses should use spring as the perfect excuse to declutter their time-consuming processes.

The problem faced by small business owners lies in the fact that they wear many hats.  Having to be the backbone of productivity can lead to administration falling by the wayside, and, similarly, devoting too much time to administrative tasks can hamper overall productivity.

More importantly, if a business owner devotes all of his or her time to producing the business’s products or services, business growth can suffer.  Many small businesses tend to stagnate as a result of this.

If you are a small business owner that can relate to this, you’ll be pleased to learn that there is a way in which you can maintain your company’s productivity and still free up time to devote to business growth.  The answer lies in giving your business a spring clean, and decluttering your processes to create extra time in the day.

How to Spring Clean Your Business’s Processes

If you want a crisp, clean, efficient day that is free of unnecessary distractions and time-sapping tasks, there are a few key areas on which to focus.  The following are few tips for decluttering your day:

1. Monitor Your Time

It is important to take note of the time you spend on each task during your day.  Without this data, you can’t possibly pinpoint the time-consuming parts of your business, and you can’t make any positive changes.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Parts of Your Day

Social monitoring, for example, is a perfect example of a time-waster.  If you spend an hour each morning browsing your social sites, you’re spending five hours a week on social media.  If you halved that at least, you’d be freeing up 2.5 hours which you could devote to business growth strategies.

You could also make a concerted effort to check emails less frequently, as this allows for fewer concentration inhibitors.  Screening your calls is also helpful in this regard, as is holding meetings on your own premises or via conference calls in order to eliminate travelling time.

3. Delegate

If you’ve built your small business from the ground up, you might be used to doing everything yourself.  This can create anxiety when it comes to handing tasks over to your employees.  However, it is important to remember that you hired your employees because of their abilities, so you just need to be clear about your expectations.  Don’t think of delegation as a relinquishment of responsibility, think of it as an excellent way to free up your time.

4. Outsource

If you are doing your own accounts, for example, you’re writing off half a day every two weeks.  This is time that could be saved through outsourcing your accounts to a freelance accountant.  The immediate cost might be hard to stomach, but it will be more than compensated by the profits you stand to make through expansion – which you will have time to strategize through outsourcing your accounts.

5. Plan

It is important to understand how you work and plan your day to maximise efficiency.  If you have exhaustive tasks to complete on a given day, plan to do those when your energy level is at its highest, which is often in the morning.  You can then plan to do the more rewarding tasks later in the day.

Make Time Management Your Priority This Spring

You might feel that your day is so full that any extra time to devote to expansion strategies is nothing but a dream.  However, through decluttering, delegation, and outsourcing it is completely possible to free up enough time to devote to the improvement of your business’s reach.  And, if you orchestrate it well enough, you might just find that you are working less hours overall – the ultimate reward for your spring cleaning.

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