Why Do Cars Have Brakes

26 June 2020

Why do cars have brakes?

Recently, I came across this very simple question – Well at least that’s how it seemed. Straight away it triggered the mental response, ”That is obvious, dah!”, and it seemed everyone was on a similar track.

Varied quick answers shared included;

  • To stop,
  • To reduce speed,
  • To avoid accidents etc.

But the best answer was very different from what you would normally expect!

In this video clip, I share with you not only the best but also scientifically correct answer that is applicable to cars and also to our lives.

I am sure watching it you’ll smile and realise that sometimes, it’s just about stopping and thinking.

So, what’s the answer?

The best answer was actually, ‘to help us drive faster’. Now going faster isn’t usually the motion you associated with brakes, but let’s really break it down.

Without brakes in our cars, would we be able to travel as fast? Would we be able to travel at significant speeds and still feel in control? Put simply, no we wouldn’t.

This is what makes brakes so important. Without them, it would take us longer to get places simply because we can’t travel as fast.

Personal Brakes

As mentioned, this theory can also be applied to our personal lives and business lives. People such as teachers, mentors, parents and bosses can often be seen as those brakes.

They question what we are doing, they question where we want to end up, they question our direction and this can become frustrating. There are also moments in life, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, that can also prevent our lives from moving as fast as we would like, making progress in places we would have if the world were moving freely again.

But what smart people do, is they embrace these brakes and use them to their advantage. They use the periods of time they are being forced to brake as a way of identifying how they can move faster moving forwards. What opportunities can they take to propel themselves when the brakes lift.

Furthermore, these people will also surround themselves with people who act as brakes, those who constantly question them, who force them to stop and think, allowing them to grow faster and more efficiently in the future.

So next time you find yourself in this scenario, take the time to stop, reflect and consider to yourself how you plan to move forward faster in the future.

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