Business Reading: Are You the Person You Want to Be?

14 October 2015

Business owners often blame themselves when their business starts to falter. While usually there are a number of reasons for declining business – most typically they haven’t implemented systems correctly – sometimes there are some behavioural changes that do need to happen. Often, these changes are not about focusing on your personal capabilities. In fact, it is often about the environment that you are in and the way that that affects how you behave. My consultant, Marshall Goldsmith, has taught me so much already that it would be amiss of me not to recommend this book. It contains some powerful strategies that I have passed on to my own clients and frameworks which I have used myself to achieve significant results. Triggers is all about behavioural change, which is something that I wrote about in depth just a few weeks ago in the four-part blog series – how to eat the Pie of Change. That framework is one he has included in this book and is just one example of the strategies Goldsmith has to offer from his wealth of experience as a life and business consult. Key learning points from Triggers:

  • Enable self-awareness of your environment. Understand what triggers are good and which are bad and how you behave when you encounter them.
  • It is not just about identifying “problems” or bad factors – behavioural change is about progress and development of the positive triggers.
  • At the end of the day, the principle reason is to allow your brain to function for self-motivation, self-development, self-evaluation & self-progression.
  • The key word throughout is self – you need to know yourself, and what are your good and bad external factors.

Business owners who I have shared these frameworks with have often come away with results that astound them. Developing your personal life and understanding how you react to your environment almost invariably has effects on your business as well. After all, a solid hand on the wheel steers a steady ship. So if you feel like your ship needs steadying, I would recommend reading this book and perhaps learning to identify your personal triggers. Other business reading I have recommended:

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