3 Tips to Recruit Employees With Specific Skills

18 April 2018 by Shweta Jhajharia

Sifting through candidates in a recruitment process can be a tiresome process.

Too often you end up with someone who talked the talk during the interview but within a month proved that they can’t actually walk the walk.

So how do you pick out the best apples in the bunch during the recruitment itself, rather than having to wait until they’re already working for you to find out what’s under that shiny skin?

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Tip 1: Discover Behavioural Styles

We make sure that every new team member, client, and even client’s team member does a DISC profile. It is an integral part of our recruitment process to get them to do a DiSC Behavioural Style assessment. This has proven time and again to be an effective way to match people to a job that suits their style.

Understanding the 4 DiSC styles is important for you as a leader. Once you become familiar with them, you can know what kind of behavioural styles will be important for the skills you are seeking in the role you are trying to fill. Not only that, but you will also be more sensitive to creating an environment that is optimised for your employee’s working preferences.

For example, when one of our clients was looking to hire a new salesperson, they needed to be looking for someone high in “I” – an “influencer” who can think and decide quickly and prefer to work with people. On the other hand, when our client who had grown quickly needed someone to help with the administration of the business, they’re looking more for someone high in “C” and “S”. These styles pay close attention to detail and take things at a careful, steady pace.

Tip 2: Pop Quiz!

The benefit of having your recruits do a specific quiz in the area you are hiring is two-fold.

First, you get the obvious benefit of assessing their expertise right away. When our clients want to hire a marketing person, we give them a Marketing Technology Quiz and the marketing expert can give these a quick look and immediately he can see whether or not this person actually knows what they’re doing. We have a Microsoft Office quiz for anyone who is interviewing for an admin role, and a Finance Quiz for accounting or financial roles, and we make this available to all our clients.

The second benefit is that you also gain insight into their work ethic and ability to follow instructions. Did they miss any crucial parts of the questions by not reading properly? Did they follow the instructions on where to put their answers? Did they circle or did they X when they were told to circle? How did they react to being told they had a questionnaire to do? How specific and detailed are they in their answers?

This more ‘meta’ assessment of their answers gives you a much better idea of what they are like as a worker – much more than simply speaking to them. You also get an idea of their clarity in written communication, spelling and grammar.

Tip 3: Give Them A Test Task

Before you began recruiting, you should first have made sure you were explicitly clear about the key activities this person will be doing in your business. If you didn’t, you may need to rewind a little bit and ask yourself the right questions to set yourself up for a better recruitment process.

If you are clear on a single most important task that you need them to be good at, then you should be able to give them that task to do as a part of your interviewing process.

For example, if you’re hiring a marketing person, then perhaps the key skill they need to have is writing – text on your website, social media posts, sales letters and so on. Then why not have them write a sales letter during your interview for one of your products or services?

If you are hiring a new project manager, then maybe give them a small explanation of a real project within your organisation, and ask them to write on the back of that paper a rough sketch of how they’d tackle the project.

For a finance manager, maybe you need them to be able to carefully comb through financial reports – give them one where you know there are clear errors and ask them to audit it.

Ultimately, both the pop quiz and the test task are how you nullify smooth talkers and highlight the hard workers!
Do you have any further ideas on how to recruit for specific skills? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

If you would like to discuss any of the points covered here, please feel free to request a free call below.

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