How to Improve Your Business Cashflow

04 November 2022 by Shweta Jhajharia

How to Improve Your Business Cashflow

Cashflow is an essential concept that every business owner needs to understand.

According to the Oxford English language dictionary, Cashflow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, especially as affecting liquidity. 

A healthy cash flow is vital to business success, as poor cash flow kills businesses quickly.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy Cashflow in your business.

Monitor inflows and Outflows:

Tracking the amount of cash/payment coming in and out is a crucial step in improving a business’s cash flow. In addition, this tells you the direction of the flow of cash.

It is important to note that the level of liquidity a business has is critical to survival. For example, a company might be profitable and yet have negative Cashflow. If this is the case, a good business can fold up based on its Cashflow.

Send out Invoices Promptly and Systematically:

It is essential to have a system or software that enables you to send out invoices systematically. In addition, every invoice needs monitoring to ensure that the agreed amount gets paid within the scope of the agreement.

Offer Multiple Payment Options:

In today’s world, customers enjoy the luxury of choice. As a result, customers want options for making payments. It will help if you put processes in place to enable your customers to pay you in multiple ways based on what works for them. Depending on where your business is, numerous payment options like direct debit, bank transfers, and use of cards on your website.

Lower Operating Costs:

Lowering your operating costs and operating a lean and very agile business is essential. However, a lean company does not mean it should be a one-person band, and it means that every role needs clear definition and evaluation while the business continues to derive the best value from the team.

Some of the areas where you can lower operating costs are:

  • Staff
  • Office Supplies
  • Power and heating bills, among others.
  • Working in a Hybrid work model with the office closed on certain days to conserve bills if it works for your business and team. It is important to note that remote and hybrid work models only work for some companies and in some industries.

It is vital to ensure that we create an environment that gives the team the best chance of delivering their best work.

Encourage Early Payments

Offering your customers a discount as an incentive to pay early is a great idea. This tactic often encourages your customers to pay you early, effectively improving your cash inflows.

On that same note, you should clarify that just like you will reward early payments, you will penalise late payments.

Experiment with your prices

Another way to increase Cashflow is by raising prices. But, unfortunately, changing, and more explicitly, increasing prices is something many business owners are scared to do.

There’s no guarantee that increasing prices won’t mean losing some sales, but it could also mean an increase in cash inflow. So, experimenting with your pricing and finding out how price elastic your customers are can sometimes be a good idea.

Have a Cashflow Forecast:

It is essential to understand your business’s seasons and plan accordingly. Some businesses have boom seasons and droughts. Understanding your industry and trade dynamic will give you the information necessary for Cashflow planning.


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