How to Enjoy Business More And Not Get Emotionally Drained

10 February 2023 by Shweta Jhajharia

Goal setting should be energising and inspiring. A lot of people would rather avoid the exercise of setting goals.

There are two key components when setting goals.

  • Investment
  • Involvement.

In this video, Shweta explains what these components are and how you should go about setting goals to enjoy the process and ultimately your business.




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View the auto-generated transcript:
Goal setting should be inspiring should. be energising, but there are many people out there. they want to avoid it, or they. feel the pressure or the overwhelm and. the whole draining bit of it hi this is. Shweta here from growth idea, and I want. to talk about how you could and should. set goals. I’m a huge believer in setting goals and achieving goals. I hope this will be of help to you now. there is a very interesting work done by. Michael Neal, and he approaches. This goal-setting is very interesting. The way he talks about two key components. When you are looking at setting goals. Right, the first one is the involvement. Involvement of your mental and creative. Energies your physical energy into the. Setting the goal and wanting to. Achieve those goals right, so it’s the. High or low involvement of your physical. Mental and creative Energies are the second element that he talks about. The investment is the emotional investment in your goals where you put. Your happiness, your sense of uh. Well-being and your self-worth are on the line. in the pursuit of the school right now. let me show you a simple quadrant. diagram, and hopefully, it will clarify so., as you can see on the vertical axis. there is this High involvement and so on. The other side of this vertical axis is. low involvement, and remember this is. your mental, physical, and creative. We’re discussing the energies on the horizontal axis on one side of you. I can see high investment and High emotions. Investment and then low emotions. investment. now, if we start paying attention to each. of the quadrants, and you have to ask. yourself where are you and then. We’ll talk about where you are. It should be okay, so the quadrant about low involvement and low emotional investment is where there is apathy. okay, people are not caring about. their goals, and they’re not doing. much here to strive for them. it’s a very low stress. quadrant, and also this is where the. sheer existence happens right now. much happens. No growth happens, it’s just. where existence and survival are. happening now, I’m very certain you know. of quite a few businesses in. this quadrant, they’re just out there. surviving and existing, let’s talk about. another quadrant because I’m sure this. is not where you want to be if you and I are having this conversation right now. The second quadrant that we’re talking about is emotional. investment and low involvement now. is a typical domain of sports fans. Moral pundits, right, so this is where everything is. the emotional investment would be ah. this is how it should have happened. goal should have happened like this, and. only you know what the energy of emotions is. It is flowing here, but there is no real action. happening right there’s no involvement. here now. um, this is where you can see the. excitement but not results, and also. sometimes, in a business context, people are. emotionally invested, but they’re not. taking any actions because of. pure habits, and they fall into the state. of inertia or the sense of helplessness. or the blame culture, and again, not much. It happens here; there is not much growth, but all. this emotion or emotional stress exists. I’m hoping you’re not in this Zone at all okay in this quadrant. so let’s move on to the third quadrant. now, this is where there is high uh. involvement, uh, physical, mental, creative. energies are there, and this is where. there is high emotional investment and. it might be that you might have come. across someone giving this advice saying. entrepreneurship or owning the business. is all about being in this quadrant. you have to commit yourself and. all your energies, and then you have to. write this emotional rollercoaster. Enjoy. the thrill of winds and the agony of. defeats, and oh my God, this is what it is. should be all about now if you have come. across something like this, please make a. mental note of it. it is the wrong advice. you do not want to be in this quadrant. where you’re going through the emotional. a roller coaster where your happiness is. dependent on which point of the roller. coaster you’re at one day, it’s like. being on a high because things are going. Well, the other day, things were not. going well, and the person is complete. Down the dumbs, and there’s a whole thing. emotional dream that happens with that. people who are in the quadrant. and unfortunately, I’m aware of it. a reasonable number of entrepreneurs who are invariably in this quadrant. are stressed out and unable to do so. Enjoy the fruits. having a business, the joy of having a. business, their families are broken. health is not in the best possible space. Things are not going well at a personal level, and business might be doing well. great, but they are not really in the. the best form that they could be because of. all this emotional drain that’s. happening sometimes High, down. and this whole roller coaster so please. Pay attention if you’re in this. you have to understand the quadrant or evaluate how it works out. you, so now I’m going to talk about it. quadrant that you should be where you are. You have high involvement right there. absolutely committed as far as yours. mental, physical, and creative energies. concerned you’re committed to your goal. You are seeing them through, but as far as your emotional investment is concerned, so are your well-being and self-worth. That is not online. It’s not on the line. you’re not emotionally invested in your. goals now, it might sound. counter-intuitive when I say this to you. It might be kind of like frowning a little. bit saying what do you mean we have to? be emotionally invested, and I’m saying. be involved and not invested, you. have to be centred where. you’re not oscillating with the highs. and lows of the business because if. That’s happening, and then you’re off balance. the decisions that you’re making. state of being off balance is not going. to be objective or make the best decisions. that you could be making for yourself. For the business to have that objectivity, there has to be the. centeredness and that centeredness means. You’re not emotionally invested in oscillating; you’re there, and you’re full. involved, but you’re centred on that. gives you the best of the best words and gives you that sense of being. centred and then approaching yours. business is when you understand the. difference between what can you. influence what you can control and what’s beyond your control when you. remind yourself daily that. your well-being and your. happiness or your sense of being enough. is not on the line you’re pursuing this. goal because why not? You’re the person. who loves to push the boundaries you’re. the person who loves to experience. You’re the person who loves to grow and consciously challenge yourself. therefore, why not let’s go for it? you’re not putting the goodness of yours. being your happiness on the line because. that’s where people end up being broken. internally, they become broken in there. relationships and in so many other areas. which is so unnecessary. so I hope you will remember this as you. move forward in your business that you. want to be highly involved, but you want. to be low emotionally invested you want to. Be centred; you want to be objective. Remember one thing: I always say this: you know, I always say this that, uh, so we were having this discussion with a client, and he said but sheath, I thought it’s all about being emotional. invested. I said look, let me ask you a. question. You know, God forbid, but in case. we have to consult a brain surgeon, right. for one of our loved ones, who would you? go with someone emotional. invested and highly involved or someone. who is highly involved but very centred. very objective whose hands will not. shake when they are operating, you know. the answer is right: you want to be that. brain surgeon in your business. An expert knows what the. a person is doing, you know what you’re. doing, but then you are so centred on that. you can make those calm objectives. decisions you know you’re doing the best. possible at this moment, and then you also have the maturity of surrendering. After a point, I said I’d put in my best. We’ll see what happens. I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the journey; hopefully, the outcomes will match, too. not it’s okay. I tried, and I gave it to me. best, and I became a better person on this journey, so having that. objectivity is so important, so you can. enjoy what this is called a business. you have so, uh, I hope this helps. you a different way to think different. way to approach. I believe in this, and I hope you can help me. continue to enjoy your business and you. can continue to grow in this. please reach out because we are here, too. help you with that. We are here to keep you objective, to keep you in balance, and, at the same time, to be highly involved. right direction with the right strategy. with the right goals with the right. planning so you can get the best. possible that you deserve you. Take care, and I’ll contact you again very soon.

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