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With the assistance of our sector-leading business coaching services, you can strengthen and expand your cleaning company through extensive training, smart business planning, and exceptional team development.

  • One on one Consulting
  • Hassle-Free Team Management Practices
  • Proven Strategies for Driving Performance

Request a FREE meeting with our consultants who possess years of trades business industry advisory experience and find out if our consulting team is the right fit for you.


training videos for specific areas of business that most business leaders struggle with.


average increase in asset value for our clients, as well as improvement on profit and personal metrics.


clients across an enormous range of sectors have worked with us to shape their growth.


Awards so far recognising our quality, including ranking in the World’s Top Coaching Professionals 3 years running.

How to Grow Your Trades Business with our Executive Coaching in London

Our business coaching in London uses many techniques which will assist you in growing your own construction business, but a few factors that will be noticeable early on in the process are:


When you are a business owner close to a project, it can be difficult to step back and see it with fresh eyes. Our trades business coach make this possible by analysing your business and your goals from a completely objective viewpoint, allowing you to see possible weaknesses that were previously unnoticeable.

Minimising Mistakes

Strategies which are built up over time only to fail can be costly, both in terms of time and money. We provide business training in how to develop and test trades business strategies quickly, allowing you to stick with strategies that prove viable and dismiss those which do not.

Strategic Prowess

Having worked with hundreds of trades and construction businesses, we have numerous strategic and successful construction business models that we can tailor to suit your particular business. We can help you devise a sales and marketing strategy and advise you on current business education, as well as how to be a successful business in your chosen field.

If you would like to take your business to the next level with a business coach dedicated to your success, do not delay in requesting a complimentary strategy session with us.

Our Principal Consultant Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia is a multi-award-winning business and leadership coach, winning numerous awards exhibiting her authority as a business leader including Global Coach of the Year and being listed as one of the GlobalGurus World Top 30 Coaching Professionals for three years running.

Shweta has worked with hundreds of business owners across industries over the last several years helping them achieve significant growth in profit and valuation. Her client base is the most awarded group of clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and has won multiple awards for Global Best Client Results.

Our managing director has had her business acumen recognised by numerous prestigious awards panels, including 2 International Stevie® Awards, the BFA HSBC Franchisee of the Year award, Coaching Practice of the Year every year since 2009.

Shweta has been featured in over 50 leading media outlets and her book, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth, was an Amazon bestseller.

You will receive a complimentary coaching session from either Shweta or someone she has directly trained in her techniques and tools.

About Shweta’s Firm, Growth Idea

We are a private equity and business growth firm that is committed to helping business leaders step up to the next level of business prowess. We give you the knowledge necessary to inspire your team and create business strategies that result in genuine, sustainable growth.

Our business coaching clients span industries, and we especially have experience with those in the construction industry and trades businesses, as well as related sectors such as interior design, estate agents and plumbers.

A risk-free, no-obligation session

Find out how cleaning business coaching could benefit you and your business.

So how can our Business Consulting and Leadership Coaching for the Trades and Building Industry help you?

To start with, we will carry out a personal, in-depth consultation to understand your business, your strengths and weaknesses, the competition and other factors that are mission-critical.

Some of the other things our business coaching program would then discuss and formulate are:

  • Assisting you in identifying and outlining (this is crucial!) your objectives, be they to acquire XX clients, boost stability so you can accomplish your personal objectives, or raise profitability by XX.
  • Putting together a 90-day business plan with those objectives in mind
  • Locating your practice’s constraints and discussing solutions
  • Figuring out how to boost your profits without sacrificing the calibre of your services
  • Assisting you in creating the “unlimited marketing budget” that we create for trades companies in order to boost their advertising and attract the necessary leads.
  • Ensuring that you are giving your current clients the best possible service, which will increase the value your business is receiving from them. It’s a win-win situation.

We can typically guarantee a rise in gross profit, or whatever other metric is most essential for your goals, within a time frame that we will have discussed and agreed upon if you sit down with us and allow us help you find out how to do this for you and your own business.

Interested? Don’t just take our word for it…

“I don’t like the fluffy stuff”

This is what our clients have to say about how we have helped them

A small sample of the awards our clients have received:

Silver Winner Awards:

  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Engage & Grow Business of the Year (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2018) – BOK Construction
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Marketing Campaign (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2018) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Best Service Based (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2017) – GMI
  • EMEA Most Innovative Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Retailer (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Import/Export (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Young Entrepreneur of The Year (Silver Winner, 2016) – Dina Vaisman & Mike Iruchenko of Wonderbuilds
  • + 9 other awards from 2011-2015

Gold Winners:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Best Overall Company (Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Service Based Business (Winner, 2018) – Bok Construction
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2018) – Watts Roofing
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2017) – Laura & Chris Frost of Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Yahya Mirjan of GMI
  • EMEA Entrepreneur of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Graham Hill of JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd
  • UK Business Financials of the Year (Winner, 2011) – JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd

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Coaching Help Your Cleaning

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