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Clarity & Discipline Lead the Business Beyond 10 MLN Target

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Business Profile

An award-winning, full-service social and market research agency, delivering the highest levels of innovative and impactful market research to a largely public sector client base. The business boasts over 50 years of industry experience, and currently have an in-house team of researchers and data service staff of 110 and a skilled pool of interviewers which during peak times can rise to c.1,500.

Background & Brief

When this B2B Agency client came to us, they had a problem: the business was failing to meet a goal it had set itself for quite some time – to surpass £10 million in sales. Shareholders felt that there was a lack of alignment and urgency when it came to making efforts to achieve the goal, and they also felt the business was beginning to lag in its decision making due to indecisiveness and unsurity. 

So, they needed business growth consultants with high levels of strategic clarity, discipline of implementation, and a proven track record of growing businesses.

Basically: They needed us.

Our Impact Together

Another roaring success for the Growth Idea team: the company surpassed their £10 million goal at long last. With a revenue uptick of £5 million in the first year, as well as 17% growth in the top 10 client revenue, our clear and structured strategy produced clear direction that was able to help the company be more focused, proactive and profitable.

An overhauled company culture was able to create an atmosphere that celebrated results which in turn boosted momentum, making for a happier and more motivated team, and perhaps most importantly – far less worried stakeholders!

B2B Revenue Chart

Our 6M Framework to Achieve Results

To surpass £10 million in sales isn’t easy, but approaching any goal strategically automatically places you in much better stead.

So that’s exactly what we did.

New articulate, efficient and structural growth plans

We first created clear, concise and articulate growth plans that encouraged organic growth, and that provided a structural, digestible approach to implementing them. In addition we created and installed rigorous business dashboards that contained vital metrics and goals and weekly rhythm meetings to establish the cadence of the company. 

A change in business culture

Together, these meetings and dashboards changed the businesses attitude from one of reactiveness, to proactiveness. Team members were able to use precise performance metrics to meet monthly targets by making course corrections each week, leading to a shift in momentum and a building of motivation. 

That building of momentum and motivation turned into a celebratory achievement, and shifted the culture of the organisation. Fixed mindsets went out the window: Growth mindsets that could produce new, innovative ways of looking at things were in. 

Bolstered brand awareness

We also dug into the granular: We strategised ways to cultivate better brand awareness by hosting awards, seminars and thought leadership initiatives to position the business as both authoritative and expert, maximising the businesses reach.

A newly implemented, more specifically targeted prospecting approach

We streamlined a sector specific approach, opting to help the B2B company focus on either lead generation or conversion, or the nature of contracts depending on the type of business they were prospecting for. And in addition, we enhanced the specific sectors that the B2B company chose to prospect through a selection and deselection process to ensure that the overall sector portfolio maintained high margin and high revenue.

In Their Words

“We were yo-yoing a bit. We wanted to have more sustainable development. After meeting with the Growth Idea team, it seemed that they could bring us the best of all worlds, which is exactly what they have done.

We’ve got a much better structure, and we have the right things in place, in the right way, whilst thinking the right way. Thinking in a very structured, ongoing and repetitive way has helped us to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves.”

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