High Performance
Executive Board

Invest in the most important asset in your business

The High Performance Executive Board is an exclusive group of SME business leaders. It brings together the proven capabilities of a Board of Directors, a non-executive leadership team and an ongoing learning and development framework.


“Thank you so much. Your advice has made all the difference for me and my family now and in the future.

So awesome a little knowledge used correctly can change life for generations!”


The HPeX Board of Directors

A curated Board of Directors with members carefully selected to have the background, experience and level of success to not only benefit from the programme, but to also contribute to other members.

The HPeX Board structures and turbocharges the power of peer advisory groups for the SME business leader – to help their own business and to build their own knowledge and leadership skills across different industries.


Your Non-Executive Leadership Team

Each HPeX member works alongside a strong team of experts with practical SME experience across sales, marketing, operations, finance and HR. They also have access to a group of peer vetted and experienced specialists to tap for ongoing projects and improvements.



An Ongoing Learning and Development Framework

Each HPeX member has access to a robust framework of business learning and development based on the proprietary 6M Growth ModelTM with 100 + hours of tailored training content.

Would You Benefit From Joining a HPeX Board?

You probably already have a wide array of skills and competencies, and are now looking to step up to your full potential.

You are looking to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Become an even better manager/leader
  • Effective results while managing increased complexity
  • Effortlessly align shareholders & team members through proven management and leadership strategies
  • Increase asset value
  • Introduce new products/services with maximum impact
  • Expand successfully and smoothly into new geographies

Invest in yourself!

Join a High Performance Executive Board

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“I think the main positive impact we’ve felt was the completely different state of mind. The way we think, the way we set goals, and what we strive for.”