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We help trade contracting, subcontracting & supplies businesses become £6 million+ powerhouses with the right plans, people and processes.

6 x GlobalGurus Top 30 Coaching Professionals & 2 x International Stevie Award Winners.

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Did you know that ONLY 2% of construction businesses ever cross the £6 million mark?

98% of businesses hit a complexity ceiling. They reach a point where the demands of managing teams, clients, sites, business development, and their personal lives become overwhelming. They find themselves continuously working hard, often feeling stuck, unable to make any progress.


Since 2008, our coaching has empowered over 450 businesses to break the complexity ceiling, helping them become industry leaders

1. Develop a winning growth strategy

  • Say goodbye to inconsistency: Overcome unpredictable project pipelines and reliance on a few big clients.
  • Get the strategy you need: Address a lack of clear direction, misalignment and demotivation.

 3. Effectively manage your team

  • Lighten the load: Relieving the constant pressure to find skilled workers.
  • Unlock your team’s potential: Improving people management and attracting the best talent.
  • Streamline for success: Implementing systems that ensure everyone stays on track and performs at their best.

 2. Overcome challenges

  • Take control of your finances: Solving cashflow challenges and building a war chest.
  • Streamline for success: Implementing systems that ensure project schedules stay on track—within budget, on time.

3. Build your brand

  • Defend your image: Preventing costly mistakes that tarnish your hard-earned reputation.
  • Level up your marketing: Strengthening your promotional efforts and boosting your visibility.
  • Design your life by choice: Achieving balance and enjoyment in life, while reducing overwhelming work hours.

Executive coaching for contractors, subcontractors & supplies businesses

Sub and specialist contractors,  handle projects on various scales, which dictate the overheads that apply to each project. However, across the whole sector, it can be said that the price of materials and labour can greatly limit construction businesses’ profit margins, thus impacting their ability to expand.

Like any other for-profit business, if you are one of many construction business owners seeking growth in such a business, an architect involved in the sector, or are involved in some other way, such as a plumber, electrician or builder, your profits are your livelihood. You thus cannot afford to lose money due to a business model that operates below its full potential.

To ensure that your business is earning what your services are worth, a business coach with expertise in your sector(s) and business in general possesses the necessary positive impact to help you get there.

Our construction business coaches can help you develop the skills you need to overcome challenges posed by the industry and a complex business model, aiming to get you a profitable business. Our systems and processes can help you take your contracting company to the next level, where you can celebrate results like more money and increased business success.

On a one-to-one level, we can help with your personal development and help you find more time for yourself and your family by teaching you the processes for a good work/life balance.

Our results speak for themselves… We have over 100+ 5-star reviews on Google.

On average, businesses that choose to work with us experience a 63% increase in profit YoY

My name is Shweta Jhajharia and I am the principal coach at Growth Idea and a serial entrepreneur.

Now, you may be wondering why you should listen to me. The big question: What sets us apart from all the other business coaches or consultants you may have encountered on your journey so far?

I have received extensive recognition by external bodies and industry panels as the top business coach in the UK. ​​I am one of the leading authorities on business value building and this recognition is evident in the form of over 70+ prestigious awards, including:

  • ​Top 20 global trainers and influencers in the world
  • ​Two-time international Stevie Award winner
  • ​Top 30 BusinessGurus in the world (6 years running)
  • ​Enterprise coach of the year
  • ​Global best client results
  • ​Author of best-selling book: SPARKS- Ideas to ignite your business growth

This is why we can make you this unheard promise of “Guaranteed Growth” if you decide “enough is enough!” and want to take action…

About Growth Idea

We are a private equity and business growth firm that is committed to helping business leaders step up to the next level of business prowess. We give you the knowledge necessary to inspire your team and create business strategies that result in genuine, sustainable growth.

Our clients span industries, and we especially have experience with those in the construction and building industries, as well as related sectors such as interior design, estate agents and plumbers.

In providing you with the tools you need to succeed, you can also expect from our business coaching:


We would not be able to give you the advice necessary to re-energise your own business if we were not passionate about results ourselves. We are a strong believer that it is passion that helps to inspire us to reach new heights of ambition, creativity, and motivation.


No effective business coach is merely in it for the money – you need to be fully invested if you hope to effect real, positive change. This is why we sincerely care about each business we help. We understand that your success is our success, and we genuinely want you to realise everything you set out to achieve.


Our clients experience an average increase in asset value in the double digits, which is alone testament to our competency as business growth specialists. But, as additional feathers in our cap we are proud to state that we, along with our clients, have been honoured with multiple awards in our sectors.

How to Grow Your Construction Business with our Executive Coaching in London

Our coaching techniques which will assist you in growing your contractor business has a few factors that will be noticeable early on in the process.


When you are a business owner close to a project, it can be difficult to step back and see it with fresh eyes. Our business consultants make this possible by analysing your business and your goals from a completely objective viewpoint, allowing you to see possible weaknesses that were previously unnoticeable.

Minimising Mistakes

Strategies which are built up over time only to fail can be costly, both in terms of time and money. We provide business training in how to develop and test construction business strategies quickly, allowing you to stick with strategies that prove viable and dismiss those which do not.

Strategic Prowess

Having worked with hundreds of construction businesses, we have numerous strategic models that we can tailor to suit your particular business, whether it is centred on construction, plumbing, electrical work, architecture, or within that sector. We can help you devise a marketing strategy and advise you on how to be successful in your chosen field.

If you would like to take your business to the next level with a construction business consultant, do not delay in requesting a complimentary strategy session with us.

A risk-free, no-obligation session

Find out how construction business coaching could benefit you and your business.

So how can Growth Idea’s Coaching for Contractors help you?

To begin with, we will conduct a personal, in-depth consultation to understand your business, its strengths and weaknesses, the competition, and other mission-critical factors.

Some of the other things our business coaching program would then discuss and formulate are:

  • We will help you determine and write down (this part is important!) your goals—whether it’s to increase profitability by, say, 45%, gain 10 clients, or increase stability so you can achieve your personal goals.
  • Creating a 90-day business plan that is designed to achieve those goals.
  • Identifying bottlenecks with your practice and how we can resolve it.
  • Finding ways to increase your margins without compromising service quality.
  • Helping you to find ways to develop the ‘unlimited marketing budget’ that we develop for construction businesses to ramp up their marketing machine and pull in the leads they need.
  • Ensuring you are providing the highest value to your existing clients and also therefore increasing the value your firm is gaining from those clients – a win-win.
  • Creating a system for getting referrals that has proven to be more effective than waiting for word of mouth to happen.

If you sit down with us and let us help you figure out how to do this for your business, then we can usually guarantee an increase in gross profit or whatever other metric is most important for your goals within a time frame that we will have discussed and agreed upon.

If you don’t see that increase, we will pay the difference.

Interested? Don’t just take our word for it…

“I don’t like the fluffy stuff”

This is what our clients have to say about how we have helped them

A small sample of the awards our clients have received:

Silver Winner Awards:

  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Engage & Grow Business of the Year (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2018) – BOK Construction
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Marketing Campaign (Silver Winner, 2018) – MGLW
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2018) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Best Service Based (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2017) – GMI
  • EMEA Most Innovative Company (Silver Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing
  • EMEA Fastest Growing (Silver Winner, 2017) – Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Community Impact (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Overall Company (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best E-Commerce (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Retailer (Silver Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Import/Export (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Silver Winner, 2016) – Wonderbuilds
  • EMEA Young Entrepreneur of The Year (Silver Winner, 2016) – Dina Vaisman & Mike Iruchenko of Wonderbuilds
  • + 9 other awards from 2011-2015

Gold Winners:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Best Overall Company (Winner, 2018) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Service Based Business (Winner, 2018) – Bok Construction
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2018) – Watts Roofing
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2017) – Laura & Chris Frost of Aspect Flooring
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2017) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler (Winner, 2016) – JJ Roofing Supplies
  • EMEA CEO of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Yahya Mirjan of GMI
  • EMEA Entrepreneur of the Year (Winner, 2015) – Graham Hill of JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd
  • UK Business Financials of the Year (Winner, 2011) – JJ Roofing Supplies Ltd

Could Executive Coaching
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