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Hire one of our business intelligence consultants and transform your business to help it reach its full potential. Our programmes analyse your business, providing you with intelligence and insight into what is preventing your business from growing further.

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Providing business intelligence consultancy since 2009

Only 4% of businesses ever reach the £1 million mark, but with over 13 years of experience, we help our clients grow an average of 168% in the first 18 months.

We work with a number of sectors and scenarios, providing business intelligence to help you understand what it is that is holding your business back. By understanding your business, you can take the right steps and implement the right frameworks to make the sky the limit.

Contact our team of business intelligence experts and sign up to enjoy our fully guaranteed programme. That’s right! You won’t have to invest any money without experiencing growth.

Our strategy review is completely free and you will receive 5 easily implemented strategies you can use without even having to become a member.

Who needs business intelligence consultancy…

Business owners and Executives of SMEs will benefit from our business intelligence programmes. During these programmes, you will gain a better understanding of your business, improve your leadership qualities and make better, informed decisions.

Ultimately you will gain 5 key principles using practical strategies and techniques you can apply to your business to improve its performance. These principles are;

  1. Ownership – By learning to own the decisions you make regardless of your title and position in the business, you will be able to focus on learning term asset growth as opposed to short term gain.
  2. Loss of fear – You will learn to make bold decisions and take potential risk. You will learn to no longer fear failure but instead embrace it and use any shortcomings to your advantage in the future.
  3. Loss of perfection – Despite popular misconception, perfection is not the key to success. You will learn why this is actually the opposite and how striving for perfection can actually be holding your business back.
  4. Become a sponge – By learning to be more open minded, you will learn to absorb the thoughts and ideas of others regardless of their position at the company. You will learn to swallow your ego and instead put future growth at the forefront of everything.
  5. Accountability – You will become accountable for the results you deliver, learning to accept your shortcomings and using them to strive for better in the future.

So why not start your business intelligence journey and book a free business strategy review to understand your business and discuss your business potential with our experts today.

How our business intelligence programme works

Proven methodology

Our business intelligence consultancy has helped grow client businesses an average of 168% in the first 18 months.

This is because our methodology comprises business intelligence,  practical strategies and techniques which we encourage you to implement.

Advice from entrepreneurial peers

Our entrepreneurial Board has experience across 70 sectors, facing common challenges and burdens faced by businesses preventing further growth.

Partaking in this course will provide you with exclusive insight into how other businesses have succeeded where others have failed.

1:1 Intelligence Consultant

Our award winning team comprises a number of intelligence consultants with experience in many fields.

Upon enrolment in our programme, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will work alongside you to help you transform your business.

Proven Case Studies


£10m revenue; 40+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Revenue and profits under pressure for the last 3 years
  • Limited and stagnant customer base
  • Lack of direction and strategy for the business

Our Work Together

  • Developing a 3-year competitive growth strategy and management action plan
  • Targeted marketing and sales plan – reviewed monthly and updated quarterly
  • Defining key operational measures of success and scorecards

Measurable Results

  • 3.5 times revenue growth in less than 2 years
  • 50% increase in profit margins and a 160% increase in customer base
  • Acquisition of a speciality company for vertical integration and efficiencies

B2B Services (IT)

£2m revenue; 10+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Low business valuation due to low growth and lack of repeat business
  • ‘Time poor’ and ‘directionless’ team stuck in firefighting
  • Difficult customers with bad payment terms leading to a cashflow problem

Our Work Together

  • A new subscription model launched to generate recurring income
  • 3 Year exit plan developed with clear targets and action plans
  • Debtors management system implemented rigorously

Measurable Results

  • 45% YoY growth with 35% revenue being recurring subscription fees
  • Increase in business valuation multiple from 3.2 to 6
  • Reduction in debtor days from 84 days to 26 days
  • Performance culture with weekly trackers and incentive structure

Food Distributor

£53m revenue; 70+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Weak 2nd tier management team and overworked MD
  • Stagnation in profitability, performance, and culture
  • Aggressive competitors, pressure on margins

Our Work Together

  • Leadership team learning and development programme implemented
  • Poor talent replaced with high talent using 4 Hour Recruitment system
  • Supplier negotiation and product purchase strategies actioned
  • 5-year sales and marketing strategy to increase market share

Measurable Results

  • 100% Leadership team supporting MD in strategic initiatives
  • Operating procedures for team communication and collaboration
  • Increase in gross margin from 28% to 34%
  • Significantly improved brand presence and loyalty

Book your free business strategy review today

Book a business strategy review and we will carry out an in-depth analysis of your business. We will then use this intelligence to identify challenges preventing your growth and provide you with various frameworks and quick wins you can implement before you even choose to enroll.

Contact our team today to gain an insight into your business and get one step closer to reaching your overall business goals.

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