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Book a complimentary business strategy analysis for an overview of the best strategies to help your business grow. You will learn how to improve your leadership, grow your business and be the best possible you with these simple techniques.

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We have been helping businesses grow since 2009

With only 4% of businesses ever hitting the £1 million mark, it is easy to see that most businesses struggle when it comes to growing. But with over 70 awards in the industry, we have all the techniques and strategies needed to help your business reach its full potential.

What businesses will gain from a free business strategy review..

Our business strategy analysis is a well thought out process which will provide you with a number of benefits and won’t cost you a single penny.

Upon application, we will require you to provide us with various details about your business and it’s current operation. We will then use this information prior to your appointment to allow us to thoroughly analyse any challenges and opportunities your business faces.

During our appointment we will teach you 5 simple frameworks you can begin using immediately. By applying these to your business, you will be able to begin overcoming some of the challenges faced by your business, and being the journey toward growing your company towards its full potential.

We will then also talk you through any ‘quick wins’ for you to go away and achieve, regardless of whether or not you decide to come onboard with our consultancy.

We then take the time to provide you with clear information on how our programme works and how it will apply to you and your individual business scenario. Finally, we will ensure that you fully understand our guarantee policy, providing you peace of mind that you will not be risking any money if you choose to enrol.

So why not book your free business strategy analysis now and start reaching your full business potential.

How our business growth programme works

Proven growth methodology

On average, our members experience a business asset value growth of 168% in just 18 months. This is because of the practical strategies and tools you will receive as a result of our proprietary 6M Growth Methodology™. We will ensure your business no longer wastes time or money when trying to grow.

Advice from entrepreneurial peers

Our entrepreneurial Board helps you to experience the various challenges and burdens other businesses frequently face when trying to grow their businesses.

They will help you to experience the support and accountability that other business leaders have experienced and implemented when previously successfully overcoming these challenges.

Dedicated Consultant

With over 70 industry awards, it is no secret that our team are experts. When enrolling on our programme, you will be assigned one of our experts who will act as your dedicated consultant.

They will work with you closely, and use their expert knowledge, to help you implement all of the various aspects required to help your business reach its full potential.

Proven Case Studies


£10m revenue; 40+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Revenue and profits under pressure for the last 3 years
  • Limited and stagnant customer base
  • Lack of direction and strategy for the business

Our Work Together

  • Developing a 3-year competitive growth strategy and management action plan
  • Targeted marketing and sales plan – reviewed monthly and updated quarterly
  • Defining key operational measures of success and scorecards

Measurable Results

  • 3.5 times revenue growth in less than 2 years
  • 50% increase in profit margins and a 160% increase in customer base
  • Acquisition of a speciality company for vertical integration and efficiencies

B2B Services (IT)

£2m revenue; 10+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Low business valuation due to low growth and lack of repeat business
  • ‘Time poor’ and ‘directionless’ team stuck in firefighting
  • Difficult customers with bad payment terms leading to a cashflow problem

Our Work Together

  • A new subscription model launched to generate recurring income
  • 3 Year exit plan developed with clear targets and action plans
  • Debtors management system implemented rigorously

Measurable Results

  • 45% YoY growth with 35% revenue being recurring subscription fees
  • Increase in business valuation multiple from 3.2 to 6
  • Reduction in debtor days from 84 days to 26 days
  • Performance culture with weekly trackers and incentive structure

Food Distributor

£53m revenue; 70+ staff

Key Frustrations

  • Weak 2nd tier management team and overworked MD
  • Stagnation in profitability, performance, and culture
  • Aggressive competitors, pressure on margins

Our Work Together

  • Leadership team learning and development programme implemented
  • Poor talent replaced with high talent using 4 Hour Recruitment system
  • Supplier negotiation and product purchase strategies actioned
  • 5-year sales and marketing strategy to increase market share

Measurable Results

  • 100% Leadership team supporting MD in strategic initiatives
  • Operating procedures for team communication and collaboration
  • Increase in gross margin from 28% to 34%
  • Significantly improved brand presence and loyalty

Book your free business strategy analysis

Every business is different and as a result, so are the challenges and opportunities. Get in touch with our team today for your complimentary business strategy analysis and begin your journey to helping your business grow.

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