Stop Managing Your Team

17 November 2021

When it comes to team management, there is one problem that I have seen crop up time and time again, across different businesses and in different sectors.

When you try to figure out why your team struggles to get certain work done on time, you might start to question and blame yourself – assuming that you must be useless at people management.

As a result, you might seek out leadership workshops or seminars to improve your management skills, learning how to lead and manage people more effectively. However, the truth is, you can’t manage people. Trying to manage people is a flawed way of thinking.

I want to explain how you can easily escape this mindset and in turn, have your team functioning to help build your business alongside you, aligned to your goals.

It’s hard to manage your team

I come across this very often when I am working with business leaders. They tell me that it is hard managing a team. It is so hard to get the jobs done at the right level and eventually what they do is give in and decide to do it themselves. They conclude that if they do it themselves, it will be done faster and more efficiently and they will easily reach the desired outcome.

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You shouldn’t manage people

There’s a distinction that I want you to make. Basically that you as a business leader – as a manager and a leader – you do not manage people, you manage their activities.

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This is a crucial distinction because to manage activities effectively and efficiently there are two things that you will need.

2 Things You Need to Manage People Efficiently And Effectively

  1. Clarity

First, you need clarity; what activities do you want your team members to work on? How will you measure that those activities are being done?

  1. Communication

The second thing is you need to manage a team effectively is communication or what I call rhythm. What kind of rhythm you have in your business, whether it is daily, weekly or on a monthly basis?

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Just to clarify; having a quick conversation, having a quick chat is not the rhythm of communication. You need a system in your business, which will help you to effectively manage the activities of your team and get the results that you are after.

What other problems have you had with team management or organising your employees? Let me know by commenting below or by requesting a call back. I would love to hear from you.


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