Where’s Your Pen and Paper?

25 September 2020

Team meetings are crucial to the productivity of your business. This is a given, but it is not just a case of turning up and everyone is suddenly aligned. You need to be sure that your employees and colleagues are leaving your meetings with a sense of purpose and clarity, on what needs to happen next.

In a recent client meeting, Darren gave me a simple example of how he ensures that his team are not only grasping everything but are also able to go away, re-cap and act on it later. I loved his incredulous tone describing the moment when he saw his team member come unprepared!

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In a world where everyone has become used to utilising technology wherever possible, sometimes it is the fundamentals that are most effective, as is the case here.

We are not machines and we don’t possess an unlimited memory. It is not always possible to remember every single topic discussed. As such, Darren has set a ground rule that nobody is to turn up to his meetings without their pen and paper.

It is a simple expectation, meaning that at any point they can recap what was said, as well as being able to jot down any thoughts or questions that come to their minds during the meeting.

As we were discussing this point, it reminded me of a cool hack that I shared a few weeks ago, which fits perfectly alongside this rule. If you didn’t see that post, I’d recommend you check it out for this and a tip on how to achieve optimal outcome from any decision made.

The hack I shared was to always ask your team members to recap their agreed action points and timelines at the end of a meeting. It helps to create a sense of ownership over their work as well as giving you peace of mind that they are aligned and confident in what needs to be done and when.

I would recommend using these two brilliantly simple yet effective rules to increase the productivity levels of your own meetings.

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