What is a Construction Business Consultant?

05 January 2024 by Shweta Jhajharia

The construction industry is experiencing rapid growth, and those in it stand to benefit greatly from the success of their ventures — provided, that is, that they establish a sound business strategy. Being able to run a construction company may not be sufficient to keep afloat in the modern construction industry.

The construction industry in the UK is predicted to grow by 4.4%, reaching £163,253 million in 2023, and K construction output is forecasted to reach £190,146.5 million by 2027.

To capitalise on the demand, you must understand how to increase your business in the construction industry. For such, hiring a construction business consultant can be required.

An expert in construction business consulting can provide you with ideas and strategies for expanding your construction company that you may not have considered. Let’s look at what a construction business consultant is and what they do.

What are business consultants for construction companies?

Not to be confused with construction consultants or construction consultancy firms who will oversee project management of a construction project, business consultants for construction leaders are usually experts in the industry who can cast a fresh look on a business and see what’s gone wrong and what can be improved.

A consultant can assist you by listening to you, offering feedback, discussing previous experiences, and helping you develop a successful mentality. This important knowledge may be obtained from specialised business systems training or his or her background as a general contractor.

Having a sounding board for ideas is essential to the growth of any construction business.

What can a construction business consultant do for a business?

Every business is different, and as a result, so are the challenges and opportunities. However, here are a few of the most common things a consultant can do to get your business back on track.

New business struggles

When launching a new construction company, you can encounter obstacles you weren’t prepared for. 

These could include everything from locating the best manufacturers for your supplies to obtaining finance, assembling the ideal construction team of professionals, and figuring out how to oversee them effectively. 

With their skills, consultants can assist you with these problems and help you reach operational excellence.

Team management

Despite the UK facing an economic recession in 2023, an extra 225k construction workers could be needed by 2027.

Since a construction team is only as strong as its weakest link, the way you allocate your workforce will significantly impact your project’s potential success. 

To maximise your efforts, a consultant can evaluate each team member’s strengths and shortcomings and assist you in ensuring that everyone is in the proper position and performing the right task.


Great construction work used to be able to speak for itself, but in the digital age, with competition increasing, you need to be able to do more. Understanding how to market a construction company is essential.

Specialist construction business consultants can advise you and assist you in making the most of your marketing efforts, whether your website isn’t performing or if you can get more out of your social media sites.

Business strategies

Business strategies provide the essential procedures or routes that will be taken to accomplish goals. They offer the recipe for success, determining an organisation’s short-, medium–, and long-term direction and scope and how to adapt its resources to the market to satisfy stakeholders.

It is possible for distinct strategies to be implemented at various levels within businesses and for distinct organisational units.

Any strategy must handle both upper-level issues of integrating the entire business into its socioeconomic environment and middle-level issues (such as production and marketing) to be effective.

An experienced consultant will sit with their clients and discuss the best strategy to move the company forward.

Business plans

A construction business plan outlines a construction company’s objectives, plans, and financial projections. It is a thorough road map that outlines the actions that will be followed to help the business reach its goals.

A construction company’s business plan must have a clear, succinct executive summary, realistic and in-depth financial projections, a clearly defined target market, an all-encompassing marketing and sales strategy, and a profound grasp of the competition to succeed.

Using a business consultant with experience in the construction industry and working on successful projects can give you an upper hand if you’re just starting out with your company.


By establishing objectives that you review regularly, a construction business consultant can be of great assistance to you. Whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly—the important thing is to consistently review these objectives and get the advice you need to manage or identify any issues.

No one likes to be told what to do, but oftentimes, this is exactly what you need in your construction business.

Looking for an expert construction business consultant?

For your construction company, hiring a construction business consultant could be revolutionary. Using their knowledge of the construction industry, experience, and advice, a construction business consultant can help you create long-term success strategies, boost profitability, and streamline operations.

You could discover the full potential of your construction company and attain outstanding outcomes by carefully choosing the correct expert and actively engaging in the consulting process.

So why not get in touch and see what we can do for you? Successful businesses start here!

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Construction business consultant FAQs

Is it worth getting a business consultant for my construction company?

A business consultant can assist you in evaluating your existing business environment and provide you with a clear understanding of the actions you need to take to make improvements. They can help you in resolving current problems, depending on the complexities of your company’s challenges.

Why do small businesses need consultants?

An experienced business consultant can assist you with strategic planning, decision-making, and business growth. You are still in charge, but a consultant gives you the information and understanding you require, giving you more time to concentrate on your company.

What does business consulting services include?

Services provided by business consultants range from operations management, IT, and organisational development to marketing, financial management, and strategic planning.

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