Types of Proposal requests made by the UK Government for Construction Contractors

15 June 2023 by Shweta Jhajharia

Here are different types of proposal requests made by the UK Government for construction contractors, along with relevant site links for further information:


1. Invitation to Tender (ITT): The UK Government issues invitations to tender for specific construction projects. These include detailed project requirements, specifications, and evaluation criteria. Contractors are invited to submit comprehensive proposals addressing all aspects of the tender. 

2. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ): The PQQ is used to pre-qualify contractors for construction projects. It assesses their capabilities, experience, financial stability, and compliance. Contractors are required to provide information on their background, previous projects, technical expertise, health and safety practices, and financial standing. 

3. Framework Agreements: Framework Agreements establish long-term partnerships between the UK Government and selected contractors. These agreements streamline procurement for specific construction projects or services within a defined period. Contractors can bid on individual projects or contracts within the framework. 

4. Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS): DPS allows contractors to join at any time and compete for specific construction contracts. It is used for commonly required goods, services, or works. Contractors admitted to the DPS can submit bids for specific projects through the system. 

5. Innovation Partnership: Innovation Partnership requests are issued for construction projects that require innovative solutions. Contractors collaborate with the UK Government to develop and refine new technologies, products, or processes. These partnerships involve a structured dialogue and proposals for innovative solutions. 

6. Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Opportunities: The UK Government promotes opportunities for SMEs in construction projects. They may specifically request proposals from SMEs or set aside a portion of contracts for SME participation. These initiatives support the growth of smaller businesses in the construction industry. 

By visiting the provided site links, you can access more detailed information about each type of proposal request, including specific guidance, eligibility criteria, and processes for submitting proposals. 

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