My Top Quote of 2020

30 December 2020

“This is not the year to get everything you want, this is the year to appreciate everything you have.”


This simple but powerful quote is my favourite of 2020. It resonates so well with the year we have just had.

We have had so many new and difficult challenges to conquer over the past 9 months, in particular, and that has meant a change of lifestyle for many of us.

For the majority of us, having to stay in over ‘lockdown’ helped us to slow down and appreciate life a little bit more. Not just because we were forced to but because we realised the value of spending time with loved ones and all the little things that we would have usually taken for granted.

There will be many people at the stroke of midnight, as the clock ticks over to 1st January 2021, who will be welcoming in the new year with more enthusiasm than usual, purely to put 2020 behind them for good.

However, it is important to also take a moment to recognise the positives that came from this year, no matter how little it might seem, in all the negativity.

For those who were furloughed, there was suddenly a gap to fill in their daily schedules, where they were usually commuting and working. This encouraged many to explore hobbies, old and new.

Additionally, over the Summer, perhaps instead of that trip to a sunny beach somewhere, you took a well-deserved camping ‘staycation’. Surely that word has got to be one of the words of the year?

We also all became experts at using every video calling service under the sun. Whilst this isn’t positive on its own, it meant many of us were actually reconnecting with friends and family we hadn’t had time to catch up with, in normal day-to-day life before. As well as this, it helped us to slow down and realise the importance of being connected with others and the precious value of human touch when we didn’t have the option.

These are just a few small examples but to sum up, this year gave us a new perspective on the world.

When planning for 2021, just make sure you have paused to reflect. Make time for the important things in life as well as the productive activities and opportunities for growth.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday period and well-being and happiness in 2021.

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