The Most Important Sales Technique You Need to Master

04 September 2019

When you look at all that advice out there telling you that every business owner needs to learn how to sell, are you a little put off?

Sales is pushy, isn’t it? Cheesy. Inauthentic. “It’s just not me.”

However, whether you like it or not, sales is the lifeblood of your business. That doesn’t mean you have to become the smarmy car salesman to be successful though…

What if I told you that the most important sales ‘trick’ you need to learn is actually how to be your most authentic self?

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Pushy. Cheesy. Inauthentic. Slick. Agenda-driven. Untrustworthy.

These are just some of the words that come to people’s minds when the word sales is mentioned.

And yet sales is a very very crucial element for a business that wants to grow successfully. But people don’t want to give their business to someone they can’t trust or connect with.

Hi this is Shweta and today I want to talk about just one simple way to connect in the most authentic manner with your prospects, in the most competent manner, so they can trust you with their business.

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There’s Just So Much Sales Training Content

So, if you think about it there are so many books which are written out there. There’s so much of content around how to build rapport and how to create that trust with the prospect.

There are the likes of body language, the tonality, the words, the framing, the positioning. All these little cues, which are required. The psychometric profile links which are out there. There’s so much of content, there’s so much learning that can be done. And it’s all valid it’s all very good out there.

But sometimes you just want to know; if there was just one way, what is that one way to connect with your prospect in the most authentic manner?

That’s where I’m focusing on: the most authentic manner.

Sales Is About Trust and Education and Connection

When you are trying to educate your prospect to make the best decision for himself or herself, (because for me that’s the sales definition, that’s what sales is all about – it’s an education process) then what is the best way to connect? How best to go about things so the person can trust you? Can trust you with the education that you’re providing to them?

When Are You Most Connected?

Connection – think about it – when do you feel most connected with someone? Just that moment where you’re like, “Yeah, this person understands me.” That moment is when they have done something or said something which shows you that they get you completely. Without any judgement, without any filter. It’s just the way you are thinking, the way you’re feeling, they absolutely get it. They understand.

That’s where the connection is at its highest.

If there was only one way that you could build that connection, what is that one way? Please write this down, and share it with your team and teach them, consult them how to go about this. That one way is called paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing: Not Just A Mirror

Paraphrasing is not when you literally recap word by word what the prospect has said. Paraphrasing is when you’re recapping in your own words, in your own sentences, the essence of what the prospect has, not just said, but what he or she has meant.

And this is where you go to the second layer and the third layer that’s where you’re capturing the emotion. You’re capturing the fear or the aspiration that they have. How they see your product or service. What will it do for them? What are they saying or what are they meaning by that?

When you actually capture it in your own words and when the prospect says, “Gosh you’ve actually articulated it better than I have,” is when the connection is at its highest. That’s where not just connection, your competence is at its peak level.

You Can Only Paraphrase When You Listening Properly

Think about it, you can only effectively paraphrase when you have been actively listening, without any agenda, without any noise, without thinking about the next thing that you have to say. When you have been 100% present in that moment, listening carefully to what they’re saying and what they are meaning.

How to Effectively Paraphrase

Then taking the permission from your prospect, pretty much in these words, say, “Hi John, would it be okay if I just capture what you’ve said here, just to make sure we’re on the same page?”

And the prospect would say, “Yeah, sure.”

Then you pretty much paraphrase it in the most beautiful manner, in the strongest possible manner, in a very genuine and authentic manner.

When you do that most probably the prospect will say, “Absolutely, that’s exactly where I’ve meant.”

And you know that you’ve connected in that moment. You know that they will trust you with their service, with their business.

I hope that really helps you because at the end of the day you can do many things but there is one thing that can help you move forward, then make sure that you apply it. Make sure you test and measure and you consult your team on that.

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