Business Reading: How To Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

10 September 2020

Never Lose A Customer Again: Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

“How much time do you spend wining, dining and courting prospective customers?

How much money do you spend trying to acquire new customers for your business?

How many people in your company focus on marketing and sales?

Now let me ask you a much more important question:

How much time, money, and energy do you spend trying to keep your customers?”

The above is an extract from this week’s book recommendation, the last question being one of the most critical any business owner should ask themselves.

Joey Coleman’s book Never Lose A Customer Again is an excellent customer retention how-to guide. More than that, it helps to break down the key aspects of customer satisfaction and how, with a few simple steps, you can go above and beyond your competition.

Effective customer retention is always easier and cheaper than attracting new business.

Sending a customer away with a sense of great customer care, beyond expectation, is more likely to lead to repeat business and increases the likelihood of them becoming an advocate for your service.

Every time a customer recommends your business to a friend, their customer lifetime value doubles, yet often the case is that all the budget is being poured into new customer acquisition and nobody is checking what happens once they have exited your proverbial shop floor.

I loved the simple yet powerful steps to improve your own customer retention techniques presented by Coleman in this book. There is enough here to help you reassess your strategy, understand where in the customer journey there may be a hole and give you guidance on plugging it!

Have you read Never Lose A Customer Again? What did you think?

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