3Cs to Improve Your Conversion Rate

20 June 2018

That is, your conversion rate. When it comes to your sales process and improving your conversion, your most important tool is the question. But what questions are the ones that are going to improve your sales?

In this video I go over 3 key elements that every sales person needs to focus on in order to achieve solid improvement in conversion rates.

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Questions are a tool, but the best sales people are the ones who know how to wield them expertly. If you start to think more carefully around this 3C framework when developing your sales process, you can build a much more powerful set of questions.

While having a list of killer sales questions will give you a great result already, when you carefully cover Connection, Competence and Control with your questions, you can push your sales up to the next level and achieve business growth in a very real and sustainable way.

Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

One of the things we really focus on with our clients is sustainable business growth. And the lever that is usually in focus to achieve that business growth is ‘conversion’ because it’s a relatively easier lever to focus on compared to other levers which also lead to growth.

The 3C Framework

Now there are three key elements which I want to share with you which result in solid conversions in the business, which you might want to jot down and it’s a 3C framework. So the first C is Connection. The second is Competence and the third is Control. In the sales process to achieve the right level of conversions. The salesperson needs to have the right level of connection, needs to show the right level of competence, and, very importantly, needs to have the right control over the sales process.

Your Most Powerful Conversion Tool

We can go a lot deeper into this topic, but I want to again share with you just one simple thing, which is the most powerful tool to ensure there is the right level of connection, competence and control and that powerful tool is questions. Now what I’ve seen very often is that salespeople are either pitching, talking too much, or trying to build lots of connection but are too scared to go into competence zone or control zone or they’re not asking the right level of questions or the right number of questions, of the right nature, to ensure that all these three elements are falling in place without over-doing or under-doing any one of them.

Conversion Questions for ‘Connection’

Generally speaking, the nature of questions to build that connection is more open-ended – is a little bit more relaxed. So it’s like:

  • “Tell me for how long have you been doing this?”
  • “How did you get into this in the first place?”

You’re just trying to understand and they are a little more relaxed and open-ended.

Conversion Questions for ‘Competence’

To show competence, the nature of questioning changes. Here you’re asking a lot more specific questions, the technical questions to understand your client’s operations, their business, or their requirements. And because of the nature of questions, the prospect gets the sense that you know your subject – you understand where you are coming from and where they are coming from.

Here you need to think about the specificity of the questions vs. fluffy questions. Because nobody likes fluffy questions as far as competence is concerned.

Conversion Questions for ‘Control’

When it comes to control, remember just by asking questions the person is in control, you are in control of the whole sales process whether you’re building a connection or you’re building confidence. But again there are certain questions to be asked to make sure that there are no surprises happening for you and your sales process. Things like:

  • “Who are the decision-makers in your business?”
  • “So what’s your procurement process?”
  • “What are the other options that you’re looking at?”
  • “Have you worked with someone like this before?”
  • “What’s that kind of timeline you have in mind?”

So again, just by asking these questions you’re trying to pre-empt all the possible reasons of delay and you’re also staying in control.

So remember one thing. It’s Connection, it’s Competence, and it’s Control. And the best way to get these three elements working for yourself in the sales process is by asking the right kind of questions. Knowing when to be open-ended, knowing when to be very specific, very technical, and knowing when to be in control to pre-empt the possible issues of not being able to close the sale because at the end of the day what we want is a strong conversion rate rather than leaving money on the table. We would want that money to be in the business and a chance for us to serve the potential client through the business.


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