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15 May 2019

There was a village in South India troubled by a gang of monkeys. The trap that eventually caught the troublemakers illuminates a mindset principle that is important for business owners to remember.

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So, what are the rice grains that you are holding on to that might very well be keeping you from ascending to the next level for your business?

Identify that blockage, and you’ll find yourself with your hands-free and ready to grab the next opportunity for growth and development.

Mindset is just the beginning!

Shweta has built a model of 6Ms that all business owners should focus on in order to create a profitable entity that can run without them.


I wanted to share with you a very famous South Indian monkey trap story.

The Problem of Monkeys

Now there’s this village in South India which was troubled by a huge group of monkeys. They would steal their food, damage the crops and really trouble the villagers. They tried every possible mean of ropes and sticks and nets and everything that you can imagine to catch these monkeys but they were not successful.

They went to this wise old man to seek his counsel and said, “Look, we’re just not able to find a solution. Please help us.”

Give Them What They Want

The wise old man thought and he said, “Why don’t we give these monkeys what they really like? What do they like a lot?”

The villagers they said, “Oh, they steal our rice!”

“Fine let’s give them more rice!”

The villagers were a little surprised but they respected this old man a lot so they said, “Fine, tell us what do we have to do?”

He said, “Get a hollow coconut, drill a hole, and put a lot of rice grains inside that. Make sure that this coconut is tied with a chain to something strong, so someone cannot take away the coconut. But yes the rice is inside the coconut.”

So the villagers were like, fine we’ll do that we’ll give more of what these monkeys want.

The ‘Trap’ is Laid

They created these so-called hollow coconut structures and left it overnight.

The next morning when they woke up they saw quite a few monkeys. Each monkey to one coconut with their hands in sitting there.

The villagers said, “Ugh, again they’re here to steal more of this rice grain.”

So they start walking towards these monkeys very curious knowing that they’re just going to escape in the next few seconds but surprise, surprise the monkeys were all sitting there. Each monkey with its hand inside this hollow coconut and just sitting there. Just literally a line of monkeys.

The villages were surprised. They went closer, but they were still sitting there. They went even closer and they were there.

And that’s when they noticed something.

What Is the Rice You Need to Let Go Of?

Each monkeys hand was stuck in this hollow coconut. But it was no trap really. The monkey could have easily taken his hand out just the way he had put their hand in, but he was clutching on to those rice grains. And as you can imagine what happened next.

But the more important point is what is it that you are clutching on? What is it that you are holding on? Maybe a concept, maybe a belief. Maybe an old habit which is not helping you move forward, which is maybe making you feel a little stuck right now.

And we all have those situations in our life. But this is a point of reflection for yourself saying what is it that you need to let go, so that you can move forward?

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