Innovation & Resilience in a Challenging Environment

01 October 2020

“Innovation is the only way to win” – Steve Jobs.

This quote, from the late Steve Jobs, perfectly encompasses the mindset that I was portraying, this week, to a group of my clients.

We all know that the economy is struggling at the moment, all across the world, and this brings with it many new challenges. From a scattered workforce, with teams working remotely, to a shifting customer mentality.

However, from what I have experienced over the last few months, in our community of clients, there is still a good level of ongoing business taking place. Organisations are recruiting-Account Managers, BDMs, Marketing Executives. Contracts are being signed and renewed and new campaigns are getting underway. Our clients are focused and committed to sustainable growth.

What I wanted to communicate is the fact that, whilst the economy is undeniably difficult currently, the key is to understand what is within our control and what is out of our control. From there, we can start to focus our energies and our efforts in the right places.

We can’t control external factors but what we can do, is focus on the stability within, to ensure we minimise variability and try to counter some of those external factors as much as possible.

It is important at this time that we show mental resilience, mental strength and discipline. Focus on your wins, on your output and stay the course. You will see that growth again, it may be on a smaller scale for the time being but it is all about moving forward and staying positive.

A lot of businesses will struggle but some will forge a new space for themselves and emerge with innovations.

This is where you will need to reflect and kick your comfort zone to the side, as innovation is not always easy. Strong companies will constantly test and measure when it comes to new developments, sometimes taking years.

Get your core team together and do a bit of ‘blue sky’ thinking. Try to think about that one thing that could be added to your offering, to bring something new to the table and add that extra bit of value for your customers in the marketplace.

What are you missing?

What trends are you seeing with clients and prospects?

What can you test and measure?

What could be coming down the line in 6-12 months?

Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in our day to day, especially in an environment like the one we are in now, that we can miss the opportunities.

Don’t let time pass you by, put in the effort now and be one of those that emerges stronger, with a new and fresh perspective. We can’t control external factors, but, we can focus on the stability within to ensure we minimise variability and focus our energies in the right places.

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