Business Reading: It’s A Science, Not an Art

13 May 2015

Almost every business owner hopes to make their next £1 million, £10 million or even £100 million with their next brilliant idea.

The problem that most come up against – and the issue I have seen with most of my business consulting clients in London – is that conventional ways of scaling sales do not work as intended.

This book contains a ground-breaking new way of looking at the sales process – and one that resonates heavily with a lot of the business strategy we teach at Growth Idea.

Hubspot’s Mark Roberge uses a unique methodology that breaks down the entire sales process into four systemised formulae:

  1. The Sales Hiring Formula – which involves ensuring you are hiring sales people using the right predictive indicators, which have been tested and measured to match your company.
  2. The Sales Training Formula – debunking the “ride along” technique and instead focusing on a repeatable scoring system that trains all your sales people the same way, focusing on key metrics of success.
  3. The Sales Management Formula – ensuring that salespeople are held accountable and managed using the same process, which targets their individual areas of improvement rather than a blanket approach.
  4. The Demand Generation Formula – which involves using inbound marketing to draw in leads so your sales people can shine. Outbound marketing alienates your potential customers, so instead, it is about training sales people to guide prospects in the right direction while being helpful.

Why we really love this book is that it is almost perfectly in-line with the way we consult with clients to take a metric-focused approach to growth by building repeatable systems that naturally allow – and encourage – scaling.

Whether it’s through hiring champion salespeople or teaching your team the killer sales questions, or ensuring you are segmenting your customer base properly – the fact is sales is NOT just an art: there is a science to it and there is a formula.

Once you have found the right formula for your business, it can be used over and over again to take you to new heights of growth.

I highly recommend using the methodology in this book to systemise your sales funnel, empower your team, and bring new scaling possibilities to your business.

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