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13 April 2016

Have you ever wanted to be that person who “keeps cool” during an intense situation? Have you seen that superstar manager who manages to keep their wits about them in a crisis and wonder how he or she can operate under pressure so well?

When a situation becomes emotionally charged, dealing with people and communicating your feelings increase in importance. Ironically, it also becomes a lot more difficult for most people to evaluate what is the best way to handle the conversation – meaning they often behave at their worst in some of the most important situations.

This week’s Business Reading recommendation is a book that teaches you how to tackle these sort of conversations in a way that keeps you on your desired path.


In Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler, you are delivered a set of tools that help you think about – and hopefully better handle – conversations where emotions run high. These tools have proven to be useful already with many of the business owners and executives who are business consulting with us in London at the moment.

We all have our ‘buttons‘ – the things that manage to goad us into an emotional reaction rather than a measured response. While not every tool in this book will apply for your situation, I highly recommend reading it for the parts that do speak to you.

You may end up discovering something about your leadership style or your staff training methods you did not even realise was holding you back from being an even better manager of your business and your team.

Take from this the tools that help you to learn how to fix misunderstandings, how to approach disagreements in a positive way, and how to share your story or your view. If you do, I can bet you will start to see the results not only in all your business relationships but in your personal ones too.

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