Business Reading: 80/20 Sales and Marketing – The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

16 December 2022 by Shweta Jhajharia

This week, our recommended reading is 80/20 Sales and Marketing – The Definitive Guide of Working Less and Making More. 80/20 represents a concept that 80 percent of your results should come from 20 percent of your efforts, and 20 percent of your results should come from the other 80 perfect.


Perry Marshall unfolds the 80/20 concept further by demonstrating the importance of selling to the right person. Targeting is more important than all the sales methods, copywriting techniques, and negotiation tactics combined because “the wrong person doesn’t have the money, or the wrong person doesn’t care; the wrong person won’t be persuaded by anything.” He also shared the seven cardinal rules of the 80/20 sales professional that include no cold calling and many more. The reasons behind the rules are sound and valid that almost sound like common sense onced pointed out. But who says common sense is common especially when it is hidden in your blind spot. This book is absolutely a great read if you want some solid pointers to shift your sales and marketing efforts. You will know the what, why and how through practical examples.

This is what some readers shared about this book:

  • “It’s a good mix of theory and application. Read it if you want to do more with less in your business. Google AdWords is mentioned frequently due to the author’s experience, but the principles can be applied to many forms of online and offline marketing.”
  • “I finished my first pass through this book, I already understand how to generate 14% of my profits and 21% more revenue from my next sales campaign.”

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