Are You A ‘Perfect’ Business Owner?

20 July 2016

Have you been waiting for the perfect time of year to sit down and strategise for your business? Have you been iterating ideas over and over again, trying to perfect a marketing campaign?

They say that good is the enemy of perfection. But in this video, I challenge that concept – because what I teach my business consulting clients is actually the complete opposite idea.

Perfection is the Enemy of Good

I argue that there is something more important to be in your business than “perfect”, and that by doing many things “good” you will make more progress than waiting around to do something perfect.

Too many business owners spend a lot of time contemplating how to execute aspects of their business to the perfect standard, whether that be their marketing, recruitment or even design.

As a result, they waste a lot of time focusing on what “could be” rather than what “is”. Making a series of small changes once something within your business has been made live, means it is working for you during that time period.

Even more detrimental are those wanting to launch a completely new business. They hold off waiting to get everything perfect, meanwhile they are missing out on potential sales and potential data capture which would actually be more valuable to making changes in the future.

Obviously, there are certain standards which need to be met to ensure the reputation of your business, but it’s the waiting for perfection before implementation which can cause the biggest detriment when something is almost there.

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What I want to talk about today is perfection. I’m sure you’ve come across this statement that good is an enemy of perfection.

Now it might be possible that you’re looking for that perfect time to have team meetings, maybe you are looking for perfect time to do marketing, or seeking a perfect text, a perfect colour, a perfect logo, a perfect website. Maybe the perfect time for you to sit down and get clarity as to what’s required in your business – the perfect prospect, perfect sales.

Now the question is when you are looking for these perfect moments, how many opportunities you are missing out in your business and in your life? Now what I teach my clients when I am working with them is actually just the opposite of perfection. What I believe in, and how my clients and I work together – is actually with the belief that perfection is an enemy of good. It’s all about doing many good things in the business.

My clients and I, we have good meetings, we have good marketing, good sales, good systems, good planning, good reviews, good discussions, and good movement forward. And that’s the reason that they are actually getting double-digit growth in their business, building the pipeline, moving forward way above the industry benchmark.

So what I really want to take away from this short and brief conversation is actually be prolific, and not perfect. Because that will help you move your business forward, and not the perfect moments.

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