New Virus, New Concerns, New Opportunities

18 March 2020

We live in strange and uncertain times – we haven’t had a pandemic that has invoked a reaction like this in living memory. 

So, as an urgent response for our clients, we held a snap training to make sure our business leaders are up to speed on the serious implications of the recent developments to the economy. 

We have decided this would be useful to the wider community, and so we have decided to make this 1-hour training (plus 10 minutes of Q&As) free for everyone to view. 

This is a time to be proactive, attentive and informed. 

We dive into the opportunities and risks in the coming months for businesses, including: 

  • Reviewing Rishi Sunak’s first budget, identifying some of the new fiscal rules and what it means for your business. 
  • Breaking down the implications of the projected economic impact of the new coronavirus containment measures. 
  • Identifying possible refunds and loans that could be available to you to weather these conditions. 
  • Exploring the systems and tools you need to maintain your workforce efficiency, duty of care, and manage your supply chain. 

This is an opportunity for you to get a distilled analysis of the current economic landscape in the context of running your business. 

As far as I’m concerned, this is not an optional training for any business leader – now more than ever you need to show up for your business. 

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