The 3 Essentials of Team Management

12 March 2019

Someone asked me, “What’s your top tip for me to manage my team better?”

This question is so relevant to such a wide number of business owners, so I thought it would be helpful to share my answer with you.

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Once you achieve the kind of clarity I’m talking about, the results will just flow. And your team members will be performing at the peak of their abilities.


Let’s Dig Into Your Team’s Strategies

From behavioural profiles to dashboards, from the rhythm of your communication to the onboarding and induction – there are so many elements that you need to consider and balance to form an effective team management strategy.


Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

I was recently asked a question. Shweta can you give me the top tip to manage my team effectively? And I love the relevance of the question for so many business owners out there. So I told this person I will share with you not just one but three essentials to manage the team effectively and they go hand-in-hand, and before I do that let’s clarify one thing.

Look, leadership, motivation, and having a vision, it’s really important for the team and for the business. But here we’re talking about team management and I think management is the key focus in many small and medium-sized businesses and I’m talking about up to 15 million don’t oversize at least. Now management is through structures, through systems. This is not about getting people excited and motivated. This is about the rigour of process.

Clarity on the goal

So what I told this person was that if you effectively want to manage not your team or not the team member, but the activities of the team member, then the first thing that you have to check is do you have clarity on the goal and the activities which are required to achieve that goal? And when I say you, this is for yourself and the team member, right? So are both of you clear on the goal and the activities that are required to achieve that goal?

Have dashboard or tracker

Then the second thing is, do you have a dashboard or a tracker which you are using, as in you as a business owner and the team person, you’re using to actually review the progress made on a weekly basis. This is not monthly, this is not quarterly, not yearly, this is on a weekly basis. This is your transparent we’ll see how the business is progressing, how the activities are progressing, and how close and how far are we from the goal.

Have a systematic disciplined manner

The third one is that are you actually in a systematic disciplined manner, creating a platform to review these dashboards and tracks to review the performance, the activities of the person? That’s the weekly meeting. Are you having that systematically? And many people tell me at this point saying, oh yes we do, obviously daily catch ups or weekly, of course we speak over the phone or we just have coffee together.

I’m not talking about that.

It’s actually about sitting down together. It’s using those dashboards and trackers.

Ask yourself a question. First of all are you sitting down in your weekly meetings with your team members?

Then the second question is are you using those dashboards and trackers with clear target at the top and what progress is being made on a weekly basis? Therefore, what’s the running rate? What’s the asking rate? What adjustments do we need to make or what acknowledgements we need to have in the business?

So these are the three simple things to actually, effectively manage the activities of your team members in your business and when there is clarity, accountability, and discipline, the results are bound to happen.

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