Are You Setting Up Your Team For Failure?

19 June 2019

Sometimes business owners feel like their team isn’t moving forward at the pace they think they should. Or, they feel like something is holding their team back from performing at 100%. Or there is too much conflict. 

Well, maybe the thing in the way is you! This is a quick diagnostic for yourself, and what to change if you are the problem. 

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It’s so important as a leader that you become really good at this. Identify your personal feelings, and understand your team’s various behavioural styles. Then have the confidence and bravery to do the face-to-face meeting and have the conversations – no matter how difficult – to get yourselves aligned again.  

The more you do it, the better you become at it, and the smoother your team will operate, the faster you will ascend towards success and scale. 


Focused On Team Management Strategies?

For any business that scaling up, maintaining a politics-free team, with a culture that gets the best out of them is simply essential. 


Prefer to read rather than watch and listen? No problem – here’s everything I said in the video as text:

The Biggest Sign You Are The Problem

Working with businesses over the last so many years, I have found that sometimes, unknowingly, business owners set their team members up for failure.

I know it sounds weird right, but it does happen.

And just to check for yourself, the biggest sign of that is, are you feeling negative towards a particular team member in your business? As in the things that this person does or does not do, kind of irritates you, upsets you, occupies a lot of your headspace.

Because it’s simmering there, it’s leading to frustration, resentment, and some kind of dysfunctionality, which is obviously not very healthy.

Two Things To Do If You Are Setting You Team Up For Failure

Remember we are all human beings so it’s ok, but just acknowledge and be aware of it. But if that is the case then there are two things that I would strongly recommend.

Step 1: Reflect – What is the real problem?

The first thing is self-reflection. Really reflecting on what’s going on here. Why are you being negative?

I do help clients to actually reflect on these matters by asking some very objective questions like, “So let’s go back to what this person is supposed to be delivering. What’s the key role? What’s the key performance indicator? So let’s analyse what this person is doing.”

And interestingly enough, most of the times, clients they say, “Yeah, pretty decent. He’s pretty good at this.”

“So what’s bothering you then?”

“Ah, he doesn’t do this, or she doesn’t do this.”

And it’s generally that small little thing which just keeps adding on and it becomes a big issue.

Then the question to really ask yourself is, whatever has been bothering you, is that truly non-negotiable, as far as you or your business is concerned? Like really ask yourself this question. Is it really non-negotiable?

Because if that is, then that is a different matter, but again, 8/10 times I have seen that it’s not really non-negotiable, it’s just that it’s not the preferred style of the business owner. But you know what? It’s a team, and different people have different styles and therefore the adaptation is required.

So the first step is really identify what is it that’s irritating you about this person, and is that truly non-negotiable?

Step 2: Meet – Have the difficult conversation

And then, the second step is to call for a meeting. A face-to-face meeting.

I see a lot of avoidance of confrontation, but I promise you if it’s playing on your mind, it’s playing on the other person’s mind as well to some extent. It’s your role as a leader to take care of that.

Sit down, have a face-to-face meeting. It could be a difficult conversation, doesn’t matter – it needs to be done.

To make any conversation less difficult, just be mindful of two simple things. Honesty and respect.

Till the time you are mindful of these two things, and you know that things can be taken forward, I assure you, that your team is set up for a win.

And you’re the one who has to constantly check-in, constantly reset, and re-align the team on the path of success.

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