3Ms to Build Peak Performing Teams

10 July 2019

How do we see our team performing at their best level? This is one of the most consistent challenges that I find business owners have, especially when they are on the cusp of really big growth.

There is a simple framework that can help with your ‘team management’ in a clear, simple manner, and give your superstar employees the chance to achieve peak performance.

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I hope that those 3Ms are useful and that you can use this as a way to create a culture of enjoying growth in your business.


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I wanted to talk about the performance of the team members because I’m sure as a business owner you would love to see your team members performing at the best possible level.

Now there are three M’s that I would like you to focus on and when I’m talking about them just question yourself that how would you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, ten being high, on each of these M’s.

The First M: Meaning

So, the first one for a team person to perform really very well is that they need to understand the Meaning of the rule and how their role is adding value to the overall business. Otherwise, people are just clocking hours and they’re just waiting for their paycheque.

On a scale of one to ten ask yourself those questions, how would I rate myself? How clear are my team members as to what meaning they bring to the table and what value they’re adding to the business?

The Second M: Measure

The second M is Measure and what I mean by that is how clear your team members are about their level of performance.

Is there clear visibility for themselves, and for the line manager, as to how well they’re performing?

Whether you call it a tracker or a dashboard or a measurable or a scorecard, whatever term you use doesn’t matter – you just need to make sure it’s a very simple and objective way of looking at the performance of the team member.

Now again just rate yourself on a scale of one to ten how strong do you think you are and your business is on this.

And if you think you’re they are kind of clear about how they’re performing and it’s in my head and they have a decent sense because we talk about it very often – that’s not acceptable.

I’m actually talking about a tracker. Imagine if I were to walk into your business, will I be able to see a simple tracker which tells me what the target is, how well this person is performing and therefore what do they need to do in the remaining time period?

A simple scorecard, a simple tracker of the performance.

And I assure you the superstars, or the peak performers, like to have visibility of their performance. They seek that actively. The people who complain the most are the ones who are actually not performing very well, so you know what, it’s okay either ways. It’s a good thing for the business.

So please rate yourself on a scale of one to ten the house strong measures are in your business.

The Third M: Manage

The third M is Manage. How well are you managing?

Now people talk about ‘team management’ and I actually think it’s a flawed concept – I always say that.

You never ever manage a team; you manage the individuals within the team.

And then you never manage the individuals because you yourself wouldn’t like to be managed, would you? You actually manage the activities of the individuals in the team.

Once you have that tracker, that measure, you’re very clear what activities you’re measuring which will result in that outcome. But how best to manage those activities is by having the meetings, another M.

I know we all catch up and this is fine, we don’t need to really sit down because we meet each other very often – please don’t do that.

If you’re really here to become a solid business, a high-growth impactful business, then behave like one.

You need to have a professional set up where you’re sitting down with very clear objectives, clear trackers and you’re having this rhythm of communication, where you are creating that platform for your team members to reflect, to reset, to realign, to get the support that they need from you, to get the challenge that they need from you and to have that movement forward.

So remember this is very important for a fast-growing business or for a business that wants to grow well. Never ever underestimate the importance of the meetings, and the importance of management through effective meetings.

So To Recap…

We are talking about the Meaning, we are talking about the Measure, and we’re talking about the effective Management of the activities of the individuals in your team never the team management.

I really hope you find this useful and once you start tightening the segments where there is a gap you will realize that your team is enjoying the process of growth and is moving forward with the right culture with the right spirit.

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