John’s K.I.S.S.

14 May 2020

Recently, I was having a Zoom meeting with my business client, John. He is a highly growth minded business owner who owns a multimillion sized business portfolio.

John thinks and works at 180 mph and together we have been growing his business at 60%+ YoY for the last two years. Therefore, staying on top becomes non-negotiable (even more so in these times)!

In this clip from our meeting, John takes me through the implementation of a very simple framework which is helping him, and his organisation stay decluttered and laser focused.

Once you review it you might say ‘oh!’, ‘that’s simple!’, ‘I know it’, but, as Einstein said, ‘Genius is making complex ideas simple.’

This is why we came up with the acronym K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Stupid! Now this isn’t meant to cause offence or make those not implementing this method feel inadequate, but instead remind you that you do not need to be completely innovative and overly complex when it comes to your strategies for business growth.

Enjoy the reminder of this simple framework to stay focused and to build back stronger!

And remember, K.I.S.S.(Keep it Simple, Stupid)!

The Technique

The recent pandemic caused John to have to think of a new way of working. He was used to having people at his disposal on the other side of the door, but with everyone now working remotely, this was no longer the case.

So he wanted to come up with one simple process that could fit onto a single piece of paper that he could pick up and implement when required.

On the first side of the paper, he splits his business into the key areas of focus at present, these include product, marketing & sales, COVID-19 projects and processes. 

On the second side of the paper he divides into the most important people within his workforce, i.e. the people that report directly to him.

He then splits the to do list amongst the various team members, so that he can easily see who is accountable for which tasks. So essentially, side one has all the tasks that need doing and side two has who is doing each task – Simple right!?

He uses this framework to focus on the key tasks that need to be done each week and are often pushed to the bottom of the pile due to completing the day to day tasks.

He doesn’t make the to do list achievable, often only allocating two or three simple tasks to each person. This ensures that even though people may not be physically working together, no tasks fall through the cracks and are missed.

This document also acts as two fold, meaning that it is a good place for John to collate any tasks which spring to mind throughout his day. For example, he may be sitting eating his porridge when an outstanding task comes to mind. 

Having this document, means he can quickly jot it down in the correct section and delegate it immediately, ensuring that the work gets done and not forgotten.

Keeping on top of things with a remote working workforce doesn’t have to be complicated if you are organised. So start your planning document today…

And remember, K.I.S.S.(Keep it Simple, Stupid)!

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