COVID-19 Update: Business Rates – Deferral Possibility

24 March 2020

For you to proactively manage your cash flow over the next few months, you should now be speaking to HMRC for deferring PAYE, Corporation Tax, VAT and Personal Income Tax.

I have also just received the below message from one of our clients. Please act on it promptly if relevant.

“They are not advertising it but I called our council (Camden) and asked if there were any business rates holidays available. They said no legislation yet as such but they let me defer my first 2 payments so now I start on 1 June, instead of 1 April. I got through more or less straight away and they actioned everything while I was on the phone. They even sent me a revised bill within 30 mins

Shweta, maybe send this to your business community. They need to call now before anything is announced as they will never get through. x'”


Hope this helps. Please do send me information on what’s working for you so we may share with the wider community.

Stay safe and stay strong.

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