5 Questions That Will Help You Review Strategically

08 July 2022

Well, most plans are generally of no use. Yes, you read that right. Your plan isn’t what you really need. It only provides an illusion of control. The key is not creating a plan, but learning how to plan, so you can remain flexible and adaptable. To plan is a verb, not a noun.

One of the key elements of planning is reviewing. Nevertheless, many businesses are guilty of simply hurtling into the next quarter due to a lack of intention, prioritisation, or structure.

When our clients are planning for their quarter, we ask them and their senior team to allocate sufficient time to review the quarter in a structured manner. This helps them capture their wins and learning leading to higher confidence in the execution of future plans.

However, if you are short on time, then the below video will give you 5 simple yet powerful questions to help you review your quarter strategically. Make sure you take out 5-10 minutes to write down the answers to the questions.

It is important to pause and reflect to build a clear vision for future growth.

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