Areas We Cover

We offer our business consultancy and business growth programmes to businesses across the UK.

Whilst we are based in South East London, our business consultancy services are available to all businesses regardless of their location in the country. Our programmes can be delivered by one of our expert consultants physically in your offices or virtually, depending on what is best suited to your current working scenarios.

Get in touch to secure your free, no obligation business strategy review.

Key Areas

Our existing client base is spread widely, but a lot of our physical sessions are delivered in the following areas;

So whether you have an office based in one of these locations or somewhere completely different, get in touch with our team to discuss the best way to have your business consultancy delivered.

Why Choose us?

With over 13 years experience in over 70 different industries, our consultants will analyse your business and identify what is preventing your business from growing to its full potential.

We will carry out a free review of your current business strategy and provide you with a selection of practical and theoretical recommendations you can implement before even deciding to go ahead with our consultancy programme.

Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a dedicated business consultant, who will work closely with you and your individual scenario to help you overcome the various aspects holding you back, improving your leadership and growing your business asset value.

On average, our clients experience an average growth of 168% within the first 18 months of enrolling on our programme.

So, whether your business is based in Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds or beyond, get in touch to secure your free, no obligation business strategy review.

You Don't Know
What you Don't

Did you know that only 4% of businesses ever exceed the £1 million mark? But why is this?

Without the right knowledge and insight, it can be difficult to determine what it is that is preventing your business from growing to its full potential. This is because you don’t know what you don’t know.

But with the right knowledge and insight, you can improve your business with some very simple, easy to implement frameworks and techniques. That’s why, at Growth Idea we aim to not only help you implement a successful business strategy but also educate you on why it works.

Having this understanding will allow you to not only implement the required strategies and techniques, but feel confident and invested in keeping them. And before you know it, your business will be in growth and your business asset value increasing.

So wherever you are in the UK, why not contact our team of business experts today to arrange your free business review and start your journey to full business growth potential.